Interlam EcoTex 6.6mil 25.5" x 15' PS Overlaminate
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Interlam EcoTex 6.6mil 25.5" x 15' PS Overlaminate

Part #: IET25015
Brand: Drytac
  • Film Finish: Matte
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Film Thickness: 6.6mil
  • Hot or Cold: Hot
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Interlam EcoTex 6.6mil 51" x 328' PS OverlaminateIET51328

Product Description

The scuff-resistant, pebble textured finish of Interlam EcoTex 6.6mil 25.5" x 15' UV makes this overlaminating film suitable for graphics where extensive handling may be involved. Interlam EcoTex is particularly suitable for laminating and encapsulating trade show and banner stand graphics, signage displayed in high traffic areas, counter mats, placemats and other graphics where a scuff-resistant finish is required and cost is a key factor. Due to its dimensional stability, EcoTex is also ideal for one sided laminations. Interlam ECO Pressure-Sensitive (Cold) Overlaminate films are "ECO Friendly". In addition to superior performance at a moderate cost, the Interlam Eco series of overlaminating films offer a number of performance characteristics compatible with a healthy environment. Interlam ECO base films are polypropylene, which, in addition to their innate functional benefits, do not contain PVC's (poly vinyl chlorides). These films are coated with an aqueous based acrylic adhesive which utilizes water rather than a solvent to disperse the acrylic adhesive particles. The relatively thin release liner is paper-based and coated only on one side with a moisture barrier (which does not impede performance). This practice facilitates disposal (less volume) as well as recycling and/or decomposition of the release paper. Plus the cores and boxes for these films are made of 70% recycled paper. Get 25.5" x 15' of 6.6mil Interlam EcoTex Pressure Sensitive Film with every order. Product number IET25015.

Product Details

  • Film Width: 25.5"
  • Film Length: 15'
  • Film Thickness: 6.6mil
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Finish: EcoTex (Pebble Textured)
  • Base Film: 5.6mil polypropylene
  • Adhesive: 1.0mil aqueous acrylic
  • Initial Tack: High
  • Application Speed: 1' - 6' per minute
  • Application Temperature: Room Temperature - 120 F
  • Release Liner: Moisture Stable Paper (70gsm)

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Technical Data

Interlam EcoTex is a 5.6 mil (140µ) PP laminating film with a pebble textured finish, coated on one side with a pressure sensitive, aqueous acrylic adhesive that is protected by a bleached Kraft release paper coated on one side with siliconized PE. Interlam EcoTex is phthalate-free and provides excellent image enhancement and moisture protection for indoor graphics.

Typical Applications
  • The scuff -resistant, pebble textured finish makes this laminating film suitable for graphics where extensive handling may be involved.
  • Ideal for laminating and encapsulating tradeshow and banner stand graphics, signage in high traffi c areas, counter mats, placemats, and other graphics where a scuff -resistant finish is required and cost is a key factor.
  • Ideal for single-sided lamination due to its dimensional stability.
  • Offers excellent UV protection for high quality images, photographic prints, wallcoverings, and self-adhesive vinyl.

Product Structure

FilmPebble Textured PP
AdhesiveAqueous Acrylic (Pressure Sensitive)
Release LinerSiliconized 1 Side PE Coated Kraft

Physical Characteristics

Film Thickness5.6 mil (140µ)
Adhesive Layer1 mil (25µ)
Film/Adhesive Ratio5.6:1
UV Protection FactorAdhesive contains UV stabilizers, which prevent fi lm degradation and provide UV protection to the underlying image
Outdoor DurabilityNot Applicable
Service Temperature Range-4°F to 248°F (-20°C to 120°C)
Peel Strength (20 min, FTM1)11 N/25mm
Shelf LifeUse within 1 year after opening original box
Storage Conditions59°F to 72°F (15°C to 22°C); 50 - 55% Relative Humidity

Process Settings

Equipment TypeTemperatureSpeed
Roller LaminatorRoom temperature to 104°F (40°C)1 ft to 8 ft (0.3m to 2.5m) per minute
PressNot recommended

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