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Sorry, but Intimus 26CC3 5/32" x 1-1/8" Cross Cut Shredder is no longer available to buy.

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Intimus 26CC3 5/32" x 1-1/8" Cross Cut Shredder
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Intimus 26CC3 5/32" x 1-1/8" Cross Cut Shredder

Intimus 26CC3 5/32" x 1-1/8" Cross Cut Shredder

Part #: 276164
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Brand: Intimus
Main Features:
  • Shred Capacity: 8 - 12 Sheets
  • Cut Style: Cross Cut
  • Security Level: Level 3
  • Waste Bin Capacity: 6.9 gal.


The Intimus 26CC3 is a convenient, user-friendly personal shredder to keep within desk's reach. Perfect for use between one to two people, this multi functional shredder destroys paper, CDs/DVDs, staples, paper clips and plastic cards. It can handle up to 12 sheets at once, shredding them into 5/32" x 1-1/8" level 3 cross cut pieces. The Intimus 26CC3 features the i-control function control for ease of workflow, user lock, the Silentec innovative sound dampening principle, and EcoLogic for more energy efficiency.

Product Details

  • Removable catchbasket
  • Mounted on rollers for flexible use
  • Material: shock resistant plastic, wood
  • Shreds staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs/DVDs
  • User Lock
  • iControl user-friendly function control
  • Silentec innovative noise insulation
  • 2x2 Cut & Collect segregates materials
  • EcoLogic energy efficiency


  • Cutting size paper: 5/32" x 1 1/8"
  • Security level DIN 32757-1: 3
  • Security level DIN 66 399: P-4 / F-1 / O-1
  • Shredding capacity 70 g/m²: 8-10 sheets
  • Cutting speed 70 g/m²: 12 ft./min.
  • Cutting speed 70 g/m²: 101 sheets/min.
  • Shredding capacity 80 g/m²: 7-9 sheets
  • Cutting speed 80 g/m²: 12 ft./min.
  • Cutting speeed 80 g/m²: 91 sheets/min.
  • Working width: 9 1/2"
  • DIN paper size: A4
  • Catchbasket volume: 6.9 gallons
  • Power consumption: 0.42 HP
  • Supply voltage: 230 Volt
  • Noise level: < 55 db(A)
  • Weight Net: 35.3 lbs
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 15" x 13" x 21.7"
  • Part Number: 276164


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Intimus 26CC3 5/32" x 1-1/8" Cross-Cut Shredder Review

Intimus is one of the go-to names in the paper shredder business since they are known for producing high-quality machines. One of their newest cross-cut models is the 26CC3, a machine that was designed for use in smaller offices. This shredder has a lot of terrific features that make it user-friendly. Here is a rundown of its strengths and weaknesses so you can decide if it's the right machine for you:


  • The 26CC3 is a cross-cut machine that has been given a level 3 security rating. It can produce particles that measure 5/32" x 1-1/8" so you can protect private information such as Social Security numbers and financial data.
  • This shredder has 9.5" feed opening which makes it ideal for shredding legal- and letter-sized documents. Depending on the thickness of the paper, you may be able to shred up to 12 sheets at a time. That adds up to between 91 and 101 sheets per minute.
  • If you need a cross-cut machine that can handle some multimedia items, the 26CC3 is a great choice. This device's cutters are strong enough to take care of CD's, DVD's, ID cards, and credit cards. The cutters will even destroy staples and paper clips so you can leave them stuck to your documents.
  • The 26CC3 has a 6.9-gallon waste bin that can be removed from the cabinet for easy shred disposal. Since the machine has a 2 x 2 system, your paper and plastic shreds will be separated, making recycling much easier.
  • This shredder is equipped with a user lock to help prevent unauthorized use. There is also an EcoLogic energy efficiency system to reduce power consumption and a Silentec feature that helps reduce noise. Finally, the iControl feature will help you use the shredder's controls for easy shredding.
  • The 26C3 is pretty compact due to its approximate dimensions of 15" x 13" x 28". Thus, it's a good choice if you have a rather small work area.
  • Finally, this shredder's cutting head is covered by a lifetime warranty. The machine as a whole is covered for 3 years.


  • Cross-cut shredders don't generally have high shredding capacities, so the 26CC3 isn't your best bet if you want to be able to shred a lot at once. Also, you will either need to fold or trim large pieces of paper thanks to the machine's 9.5-inch feed opening.
  • This shredder is designed for smaller offices so it might not be a good choice for larger workplaces.

The Intimus 26CC3 is a terrific cross-cut shredder that offers a terrific level of security as well as a bundle of user-friendly features. It's great that this device has multimedia shredding capacities and that it doesn't take up much room at all. You'll be able to shred without bugging your co-workers thanks to the machine's Silentec feature and the warranty coverage will give you peace of mind. As long as the 26CC3's weaknesses aren't problematic for you, you will love this machine. Take a look at it today.

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