Intimus 302CC 1/16" x 9/16" Cross Cut Whisper Quiet Shredder
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Intimus 302CC 1/16" x 9/16" Cross Cut Whisper Quiet Shredder

Part #: 669124
Brand: Intimus
  • Shred Size: 1/16" x 9/16"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 8-10 sheets (approx)
  • Speed: 20 ft. per minute
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Product Description

The Intimus 302 Cross Cut shredder is designed for quiet operation in an office environment. It is designed for the office and will fit in the smallest of places. The unique horizontal feed opening allows the unit to be located under your desk or work table saving valuable space. However, don't let the small size and convenient design of the 302 fool you. The Intimus 302 Cross Cut Shredder is a workhorse. Its heavy duty cutting heads are capable of easily handling documents with paper clips and staples with no problem at all. The strong but quiet Intimus 302CC is a must for any office environment. Choose from two different strip cut models and two different cross cut models in the Intimus 302 series.

Product Details

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • New contemporary design
  • Electronic system with microprocessor control
  • Additional front opening for nonconfidential waste
  • Front loading paper feed
  • Auto Start / Stop
  • Continuous duty motor-maintenance free
  • Handles documents with paper clips and staples
  • Price does not reflect applicable freight or installation charges

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 1/16" x 9/16"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 8-10 sheets (approx)
  • Speed: 20 ft. per minute
  • Throat Size: 9 1/2 inches
  • Shred Container: 1.25 cubic feet
  • Supply Voltage: 115v
  • Power Consumption: .73hp
  • Dimensions: 15 3/8

Staff Review

Intimus 302CC 1/16″ x 9/16″ Cross Cut Whisper Quiet Shredder Review

Intimus’ reputation for quality is strengthened by their 302CC Cross Cut shredder. It offers a powerful motor rated for quiet operation as well as convenient automatic features and decent capacity. This device is simple to use as well as efficient. Let’s take a closer look.


  • To start with, the small size of this powerhouse is very handy. Standing just over two feet tall, it easily fits under a desk or table for convenient storage. The front loading paper feed gives added accessibility, even when stored under a low surface. An extra opening on the front of the device offers convenient disposal of non-confidential material. This allows the waste bin to double as a recycling receptacle, reducing the number of bins needed around your office.
  • The entire unit is run by an electronic system with microprocessor control. An automatic start and stop function turns on the blades as soon as paper is detected in the feed slot.
  • A powerful motor rated for continuous run allows you to shred things all day without needing the cool down period that most smaller shredders require. This machine is also designed for “whisper quiet” operation, resulting in a quieter working environment for your office.
  • The 9.5 inch feed takes in up to 10 sheets at once, including documents with staples and paperclips. Items are devoured as fast as 20 feet per minute, excellent for a cross cutting machine. The shreds created measure only 1/16 inch by 9/16 inch, providing a level 4 security rating. Your confidential information stays safe in these tiny particles, virtually impossible to reassemble
  • Confetti pieces float down into a shred bin with a storage volume of 1.25 cubic feet. This is large enough to store a reasonable amount of shreds while staying easy to empty.


  • This device weighs about 44 pounds when empty. While this isn’t a heavy machine, the lack of casters make it bulky and awkward to move around. If you do need to move it, we suggest using a dolly for easier mobility.
  • The blades only accept up to 10 sheets at once. Granted, things are shred at a fast rate of 20 feet per minute. Offices needing only moderate or occasional use won’t find this to be an issue. But larger businesses with higher shredding needs may prefer a higher capacity model.
  • A 9.5 inch feed opening is limiting. Many offices won’t find this to be a problem, as standard sized papers easily slide in. But if your office needs to shred many wider or odd shaped documents, you may be more interested in a device with a wider feed.

The Intimus 302CC is well-suited for the shredding needs of any office. It offers compact size, quiet operation, and continuous use. Confidential information stays safe in the tiny shreds created by the powerful cross cutting blades. The 302CC Cross Cut is an excellent device for your next office shredder.

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