Intimus 502CC 5/32" x 1-13/32" Cross Cut Shredder
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Intimus 502CC 5/32" x 1-13/32" Cross Cut Shredder

Part #: 679154
Brand: Intimus
  • Shred Size: 5/32" x 1-13/32"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 18-20 sheets
  • Speed: 30 ft. per minute
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Product Description

The Intimus 502CC cross cut shredder is a large capacity, high security machine that offers the same quality as all of the shredders in the Intimus line. The 502 cross-cut shredder helps you balance the need for an aesthetically pleasing office environment with your need for large capacity document destruction. The Intimus 502 crosscut shredder offers whisper quiet operation and a new design that will blend in better with your other office furniture. Plus the 502 series shredders come with larger storage containers and a 1.5hp motor that is designed to chew through your shredding in no time. The Intimus 502 series of shredders includes five models: two strip cut shredders, two cross cut shredders and a multimedia shredder. Depending on your volume and the security that you require there is most certainly a shredder that will fit your needs. Check out the Intimus 502CC cross cut shredder today.

Product Details

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • New contemporary design
  • 10 1/4" working width
  • "Full bag", "jam", "bag full" and "door open" indicators
  • Front loading paper feed
  • Auto Start / Stop
  • Continuous duty motor-maintenance free
  • Handles documents with paper clips and staples
  • Price does not reflect applicable freight or installation charges

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 5/32" x 1-13/32"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 18-20 sheets
  • Speed: 30 ft. per minute
  • Throat Size: 10 1/4 inches
  • Shred Container: 3 cubic feet
  • Supply Voltage: 115v
  • Power Consumption: 1.5hp
  • Dimensions: 19 1/4

Staff Review

Intimus 502CC 5/32” x 1-13/32” Paper Shredder Review

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality paper shredder for use in your office, you’ll be pleased to know that Intimus makes some ones that are worth a look. One of their large-capacity devices is the 502CC, a cross-cut device that offers a lot of security. Here are this machine’s strengths, as well as its weaknesses so you can make an informed decision about purchasing it.


  • The 502CC is a cross-cut shredder so it definitely offers more security than a strip-cut device. The particles it produces measure 5/32” x 1-13/32”. There will be little chance of your documents being reassembled – and read – after they’ve gone through this device.
  • You don’t need to remove the staples or paper clips from your documents before you shred them because the 502CC has blades that are strong enough to take care of them.
  • Intimus shredders typically have great shredding capacities and that’s true of the 502CC. This machine can shred a maximum of 20 sheets per pass, which is very good for a cross-cut device. The motor can run continuously and shred up to 30 feet of material per minute, so this is a good product to use if you need to get rid of a lot of documents at once.
  • This machine has a feed opening that’s 10.25 inches wide. It’s the perfect size for most documents, including those that are letter- (8.5” x 11”) and legal-sized (8.5” x 14”).
  • The 502CC is a large-capacity shredder that can store 3 cubic feet of detritus in its waste bin. That and the continuous-duty motor make this machine ideal for multiple-user environments.
  • It’s always easy to know what this machine’s status is because it has a number of indicators to keep you informed. Thus, you’ll know in an instant whether the waste bin needs to be emptied, if the cabinet door is open, or if there’s a paper jam.
  • The 502CC has an automatic start/stop feature. This enables the device to start shredding when it detects something in the feed opening. When shredding is completed, the machine will stop immediately.


  • This shredder will take up a fair amount of room because it measures 19-1/4” (width) x 15” (depth) x 34-1/4” (height). While it’s too large to be a deskside device, it would be perfect for use in copy rooms or by a shared printer.
  • The 502CC weighs 90 pounds and is not equipped with casters. It will be pretty difficult to move around unless you have access to a dolly.
  • While this machine’s blades can tear up document fasteners, they’re not strong enough to handle items such as CD’s, credit cards, and floppy disks.

While the Intimus 502CC does have a few weaknesses, overall this would be a good machine to get if your office needs a high-capacity paper shredder. This device will allow you and your colleagues to shred continuously so you can get rid of all your unneeded documents in very little time. So think about purchasing this machine today so you can start shredding.

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