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What are some of my options for a board?

posted this on Jul 20, 2015

Chalkboards and bulletin boards are essential office and school supplies that can help you teach lessons, plan out projects, display information, and more. Nowadays, whiteboards have also become popular communication tools. If you’re in the market for one of these items, you’re in luck. This article will look at some of the different type of board available and give you some advice on how to select one that’s right for your needs. Let’s see what’s out there….

Whiteboards. The first boards were going to take a look at are whiteboards. These items are sometimes called dry-erase boards because you’re supposed to write on them with a dry-erase marker. Whiteboards are extremely popular and can be found in lots of different environments. You’ve probably come across them in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, the break room at work, and so on. (maybe you even have one in your cubicle.) They’ve also become popular for home use especially by busy individuals and families. These boards can be used for announcements, brainstorming, keeping track of projects and assignments, and more.

Choosing a whiteboard can be more difficult than you might think because there are a lot of things to consider. Size is always something to think about since whiteboards can be small enough to hang in a locker or large enough to cover up most of a wall. You’ll also need to decide if you want something that has an accessory tray for your markers and erasers, if you can install the board easily, and if there is a grid or lines printed on it for easier writing. Some boards are even magnetic so you can post items to it.

The most important consideration, however, is the type of material the board is made out of. Melamine and porcelain are the two most common materials. Porcelain is ideal if you want a board that’s really easy to clean. However, boards made with this material are some of the most expensive available. Meanwhile, melamine is much more affordable but you’ll need to clean it regularly. (And even if you do so, it still may ghost. That means old writing may still be visible after cleaning and erasing.)

Chalkboards. Chalkboards are still used in many classrooms these days despite the popularity of whiteboards, the Internet, and PowerPoint presentations. The right chalkboard can withstand years of use and can be a wise investment, especially when budgets are tight.

As you might expect, chalkboards are available in different sizes so finding one that’s right for your particular space shouldn’t be too much of a problem. (You can always special order one if you can’t find the right size.) Chalkboards can be eitherLuxor Steel Magnetic Wall-mounted Whiteboard framed or unframed. Typical frames are fashioned out of materials such as wood and metal. And the classic black and green colors are still available. Most boards come with a chalk tray so you’ll have somewhere handy to keep your supplies.

Porcelain chalkboards have become very popular in recent years, so if money isn’t much of an issue, you should check them out. They’re easy to clean and a lot of them are magnetic so you can use your board for a couple of different uses. The
 surface will also remain free of dents and scratches so it will look great for a long time.

Chalkboards come in both light- and heavy-duty varieties. Unsurprisingly, the heavy-duty boards are more durable and are well-suited for environments in which they’ll be used a lot. (They tend to be popular with colleges and universities.) However, the light-duty boards can be helpful and they’re very affordable. They’re good for light use in areas like break rooms and warehouses. If you’re looking for a chalkboard, take a look at a wide variety of them to find out which type would be best for your needs.

Bulletin boards. Bulletin boards still haven’t gone out of style and you can still see them just about everywhere. While the old-fashioned corkboard is still popular, bulletin boards are now available in a number of different styles so you can get your message across while also adding a stylish touch to your surroundings.

Some of the newer bulletin boards are wrapped in fabric for a soft look and are available in colors such as sage, burgundy, and blue. There are also boards that have a self-healing vinyl surface if your environment calls for a more utilitarian look. (The vinyl surfaces can be cleaned with just soap and water.) Frames are made from different materials such as wood and there are also marble frames available for professional environments.

There are bulletin boards in many different sizes so they’ll fit a variety of needs. There are even small boards placed upon pedestals that can be used as signage. (These are great for conventions, parties, and so on.)

One feature you definitely need to look for when choosing a bulletin board is a self-healing surface. Boards with this feature might be a little bit more expensive but they’ll last a lot longer and they’ll also look better over the long run.

Combination boards. Finally, there are things that are known as combination boards. These items combine two or more types of board and roll them into one object so you can have increased functionality. Combinations include bulletin boards and whiteboards, chalkboards and bulletin boards, and so on. In a lot of cases, the different types of boards will be laid out side by side but there are units that are reversible. (These will give you more writing surface, but it can be difficult to reverse the board, especially in a small space.)

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