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What should I look for in an electronic paper cutter?

posted this on Jul 9, 2015

There are many different varieties of cutting tools and probably the most powerful one is the electric paper cutter. These are devices that can cut hundreds of sheets at a time, making them perfect for heavy-duty use. If you’re in need of one, you need to know what to look for before purchasing it. Here’s what you need to look for….

  • Width. The first thing you need to find out is the width of the blade. This will dictate the size of paper you can cut. You’ll want to choose a machine that has a wide enough blade to process different sizes of paper. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a cutter and then realizing you can’t process a certain size of paper.
  • Depth. If you plan on working with large sheets of paper, you’re going to want to choose a device with a roomy cutting table. This is not only so your materials will be supported, but so you end up with a machine that can cut where you need it to.
  • Backstops. One feature you should definitely look for when selecting your cutter is an adjustable backstop. A backstop is essential if you want to get accurate cuts. Some devices have backstops that need to be manually adjusted. While this is better than nothing, you’ll get better results with a machine that will allow you to control the position of the backstop digitally. These devices are much more accurate than their manual counterparts and often allow you to control the backstop’s position down to a 100th of an inch. If you can afford a cutter with this feature, be sure to get it.
  • Cutting capacity. A very important consideration is a machine’s cutting capacity. Generally, electric cutters can cut a great deal of paper at once with some devices capable of processing entire reams. You’ll want to think about how much paper you want to slice through at once and select a machine that can handle that amount.
  • Safety features. It should go without saying that electric paper cutters can be very dangerous. Thus, selecting one with good safety features is essential. The machine should come with a shield to keep your hands away from the blade and there are some that require two-handed operation for even more safety. If you have a big enough budget, choosing a device with an optical eye is a great idea. The optical eye will be able to tell when there are hands too close to the blade and if that happens, it will cause the machine to shut down immediately.
  • A good brand name and warranty. Something else you should be on a the lookout for is a good brand name. Ones to keep in mind include MBM, Challenge, and Standard. All three of these companies make high-quality products that will deliver the results you need. Finally, get a device with a good warranty so you’re not out of luck if you end up experiencing any problems.
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