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What ID supplies should I have?

posted this on Jul 10, 2015

In this day and age, it’s become increasingly common for people to carry some sort of identification such as a name tag, badge, etc. These types of ID are especially common in the business world and are often used for security purposes. While it can be expensive for companies to have a third party create these items, it is possible to do it on-site to save money and even prevent security breaches. It’s also pretty easy to do with the right supplies. This article will take a look at some of the ID accessories that are available for use so you know what to look for.

  1. Lanyards. Lanyards and name tags go together quite nicely. Lanyards are like really long necklaces that are usually made out of a fabric like polyester. There are even some environmentally friendly ones that are made out of plant-based materials if you want to save the planet. You can order lanyards as-is, have them specially printed, or even order reflective ones for use in hazardous areas. (These are great for construction sites.) Whatever type of lanyard you choose, you’ll C-Line Retractable Adjustable Neck Lanyardbe able to attach a name tag or ID badge to each one. Thus, the people in your company will be able to have their ID on them all times and they’ll be less likely to lose them which will add up to savings over time.
  2. Badge reels. Some employees like to keep their ID on their person. For those people, badge reels are the perfect accessories. They can be pinned onto clothing so they can always be easily accessed. The ID badge can be attached to the end of the elastic cord and the cord can be pulled out to show the ID to whoever asks to see it. (Or the ID can be pulled out to unlock doors, etc.) There are even some badge reels that can be customized so you can put your company’s logo on it.
  3. Badge holders. These supplies are a nice alternative for people who don’t care for lanyards or badge reels. Badge holders can either be worn around the neck or they can be pinned to clothing depending on what the wearer prefers. These holders come in a variety of sizes so there are ones that are perfect for your particular name tags. There are even holders that can accommodate magnetic cards, the kind that are used to gain access to secured areas.
  4. A laminator and laminating pouches. Unless you want to keep making name tags and ID badges, you’re going to want a pouch laminator. Running the ID through a laminator will strengthen it so that it can withstand regular handling. You’ll need to have a variety of laminating pouches on hand to do this and there are ones available that are the perfect size for ID cards. You can get either a large laminator or a small one depending on what other items (if any) you plan on laminating. There are plenty of smaller devices available that are perfect for ID cards.
  5. Odds and ends. There are a number of other accessories you may want to get so you can make (and wear) your ID badges and name tags. These include strap clips, retainers, pins, clips, and wristwear. There are also slot punches to choose from so you can punch a hole in the ID. This will allow you to attach it to some of the items mentioned above. 
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