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How do I use my Rotary Trimmer?

posted this on Jul 6, 2015

There are many cutting tools available such as GBC Zippy knives and electric paper cutters. Different types of cutters are good for different types of jobs, however a rotary trimmer can be one of the most helpful tools to have around. A rotary trimmer can usually cut more than one sheet at a time and can provide a perfectly straight cut. A straight cut is necessary for professional applications and can be helpful for arts and crafts projects. Rotary trimmers are pretty easy to use, so it doesn’t take much effort to get that straight cut your project needs. Just follow the following steps to use your rotary trimmer:

  • Make sure your rotary trimmer is placed on a flat and even surface. Make sure the trimmer’s base is large enough to accommodate your paper. Akiles Roll @ Blade 1815 Rotary Trimmer
  • Place your paper on the base of the trimmer. Ensure that the side of the paper you want to cut is facing out. If you need to measure your materials before cutting them, take advantage of your machine’s grid and/or cutting guides. Check to see how many sheets your device can cut at once. You should cut a little less than the recommended amount so you can get that crisp cut your project requires.
  • If your device has a paper clamp, use it to secure the paper in place. Once you’re done, you need to take the trimmer’s blade carriage in your hand and begin sliding it along the metal bar on which it sits. As you move the blade carriage, your document will be trimmed. When you’re done, move the carriage to its original place and remove your paper. It should be perfectly cut. Get rid of the scraps (unless you have a need for them) and then continue cutting, if necessary.
  • Your rotary trimmer may have special features such as an adjustable backstop (for repeated cuts) or even interchangeable blades that can perforate and/or score your paper. How you use these features depends on the make and model of your device. If your trimmer has features such as these, make sure you consult your instruction manual for further direc tions.
  • Eventually your rotary trimmer’s blade will become dull. You will notice this occur when it won’t cut as cleanly as it had in the past and cutting will become more difficult. When this happens, it’s time to change the blade so you can get more use out of your device.
  • Always make sure you exercise caution when using your rotary trimmer. While a lot of cutters use blades that are encased in plastic, you can never be too careful. Take your time with your work and give it your full attention so you can complete the job safely.
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