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How can I use a binder?

posted this on Jul 16, 2015

We all have them, and we even use them sometimes. Not only are binders easy to find and use, but they are also portable and secure. They are the perfect choice for an array of projects you have been meaning to get to work on. You can use binders to organize all sorts of information around the house. Organized information helps you build an organized life and lower your stress levels. Take a look at some uses for three ring binders that can really put them to work.

Record Keeping

  • Divide your binder into monthly sections and save copies of all your bills for each month. Consider keeping grocery and other receipts to build a complete financial picture. This yearlong record can help you with budgeting and can even be used to teach your kids about finances.
  • Track your sales and shipments for items you’ve sold online. Think about using tab dividers to group sales by site (EBay, Half.com, etc.), month, or item type.
  • Don’t leave it until January to organize your receipts for the accountant. File your documents monthly into meaningful sections of your binder. You can tape the receipts onto sheets or just insert them into page protectors or specialty pocket Standard Black Round Ring Clear View Binderpages.
  • Make a notebook to house your pet’s immunization records, veterinary information, microchip documents, and AKC registration and pedigree.
  • Keep a notebook for each of your children’s artwork, report cards, and examples of their schoolwork. They grow so quickly that if you drop all of their work into the same drawer, you may not be able to tell what belongs to whom later on. These notebooks are also a great way to remind struggling kids about how proud you are of them and all that they have accomplished.


  • Encase your sports card collection to protect your investment. Tip: If you buy your cards in boxes, cut the box apart and insert the lid and sides into the clear vinyl pockets for a perfect quick cover.
  • Create information sheets for your collectibles. Describe each item, including its size, quality, origin, date and amount of purchase. Take digital photos of your collectibles and paste the photos onto the information sheets.
  • Display your collection of international coins and bills.


  • Create your own educational books. Use the computer to print out pictures and words and slide the pages into page protectors. You can easily update content as your child masters the content.
  • Make your own recipe book by pasting your recipes and their photos on sheets and inserting them into page protectors. These customized recipe books are a thoughtful and personal gift that’s easy to make.
  • Sort your photos and plan your layouts for scrapbooking. Once you’ve selected photos or embellishments for your scrapbooking page, drop them into a page protector and keep them together until you’re ready to get started.
  • Customize school binders for your kids, or, better yet, let your kids customize their own binders for school. Get out the markers, scissors, stencils, and glue and see what kinds of creative designs your family can come up with.
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