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What should I know about Antimicrobial Binders?

posted this on Jul 16, 2015

It is winter, and that means it’s cold and flu season. Chances are you’ve already been sick this winter or know someone who has been. There’s no doubt about it–there are a lot of germs floating around even when it’s not the dead of winter and when you work with other people, the chances of spreading and contracting an illness grow exponentially. For example, did you know that your desk surface likely contains more germs than certain fixtures in the company restroom? No wonder it’s so easy to get sick! Luckily, you can help stop the spread of germs by using antimicrobial binders. You might be wondering what an antimicrobial binder is and why you should use one. Here are some commonly asked question about this type of office supply.

  1. What exactly is an antimicrobial binder? An antimicrobial binder is simply a product that’s been treated with Agion, a natural, environmentally-friendly additive that’s extremely effective in the fight against bacteria and other unpleasant entities such as viruses, mold, and fungus. Agion works for the whole life of your supplies so you’ll always be protected from illness.
  2. Where should these supplies be used? They should be used in any environment that demands healthy workers. Some obvious examples would be hospitals and other medical establishments in which cleanliness is of the utmost importance. They could also be used by teachers and students in schools, including colleges and universities, since illnesses are very common in those institutions. Finally, these notebooks would be perfect for just about any workplace. They’ll help cut down on the amount of colds and such your employees catch, which means less sick days will be taken. That can save your company money and keep your level of productivity up.
  3. What kinds of antimicrobial binders are available? One of the leading manufacturers of these supplies is Samsill and they have a wonderful variety of antimicrobial binders available. They offer presentation notebooks with clear overlays and you can choose between round-ring and D-ring varieties. These products are available in a lot of thicknesses, from a half-inch to 5 inches, and they come in a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, purple, and red. Many of these notebooks have two pockets inside for additional storage, as well as a label holder on the spine so you can easily identify your documents. Some Samsill notebooks are even made from some post-consumer content which is great if you’re concerned about the environment. With such a great selection, you are likely to find the binder that’s perfect for your document storage or presentation needs while also being a weapon in the fight against germs.
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