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Magnetic Ink Receptive Sheeting

This amazing Ink Receptive Magnetic Sheeting has a huge amount of applications, from helping you add graphics to metallic surfaces such as a car or a panel to providing a mounting substrate for courtroom displays, maps and calendars. These can then be attached to any suitable metal surface, such as doors, machinery or Ferro Metal paper. Order yours today; it has a film width of 24 3/8", length of 50' and a thickness of 30 mil. The sky is the limit and you'll be amazed at how many things you can do with this Ink Receptive Magnetic Sheeting!
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  1. magnetic-sheeting-with-adhesive-39.4-x-50-image-1

    Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive - 39.4" x 50'

    • Film Finish: Magnetic Sheet
    • Can be die cut or knife cut cleanly.
    • Can be coiled to a 1/2" radius without cracking
    • Pull Strength: 86.5 pounds per square foot

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