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Drytac Flobond Self-Trimming Mounting Adhesive

Do you have some photos, parchment, or prints you'd like to mount on foam boards or on a metal surface? You're in the right place! These Drytac Flobond Self-Trimming Mounting Adhesives will ensure that your projects will go perfectly, every time. This adhesive can be conveniently patched and overlapped, so you can eliminate waste and save money at the same time. Ideal for picture framing businesses and photographers, this product expertly combines functionality with affordability. Select the width you need from 20.5'' and up to 48'', all with a length of 90', and all at a fantastic price you can only find here, on MyBinding!
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  1. Flobond Self-Trimming Mounting Adhesive Image 1

    Flobond Self-Trimming Mounting Adhesive

    Flobond Self-Trimming Mounting Adhesive Image 1
    • Adhesive Length: 90'
    • Adhesive Width: 20.5" - 48.5"
    • Adhesive Bond: Permanent/Removable
    • Adhesive Base: Thermoplastic
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    Flobond 24.5" x 90' Self-Trimming Mounting AdhesiveFL2509

    Was: $101.06

    Your Price: $88.69

    You Save: 12%

    Flobond 32.5" x 90' Self-Trimming Mounting AdhesiveFL2514

    Your Price: $137.09

    Flobond 40.5" x 90' Self-Trimming Mounting AdhesiveFL2518

    Was: $167.06

    Your Price: $142.29

    You Save: 15%

    Flobond 48.5" x 90' Self-Trimming Mounting AdhesiveFL2520

    Was: $200.00

    Your Price: $150.79

    You Save: 25%

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