Xyron Roll Set

Laminate with Xyron and you can't go wrong! With their collection of laminating film rolls, one will certainly fit your needs. They have one-sided and two-sided rolls. You can always use these rolls for lamination, but they're also ideal for creating mock-ups, story boards, and posters! And we have rolls perfect for cold or hot lamination. Their high-tack adhesive makes these the real deal. if you have any questions about which product will work best with your office set-up, just give us a call!

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  1. Xyron 2500 Two-Sided Matte Laminate Roll Set - 300'

    • Roll Set Type: One Side Matte Laminate / One Side Laminate
    • Length: 300'
    • Width: 25"
    • Thickness: 3 mil
    Part #: 100137


  2. Xyron 4400 Two-Sided Matte Thermal Laminate - 300'

    • Roll Set Type: Matte Two Sided Lamination
    • Length: 300'
    • Width: 43"
    • Thickness: 2 mil
    Part #: 100139


2 Items

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