Artshield UV Laminating Film
Help protect your art from harmful sun bleaching and other physical damage with Artshield UV Laminating Film. Artshield can be applied in laminating fabrics, canvas, and raised surfaces such as leaves and dried flowers. It retains the texture of your project and keeps your images looking bold and beautiful. Or use Canvastex to give your project a nice texture it didn't originally have! This film is used within a press, and is not recommended to use with a roll laminator.

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  1. Artshield Matte UV 4mil Overlaminating Film

    • Film Finish: Matte
    • Film Thickness: 4mil
    • Initial Tack: Low
    • Application Speed: 1'- 6' (0.3m - 1.75m) per minute

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  2. Artshield Mattex UV 3mil Overlaminating Film

    • Film Finish: Semi-Matte
    • Film Thickness: 3mil
    • Intial Tack: Low
    • Dwell Time: 2-6 minutes

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3 Items

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