Converd Biodegradable Mounting Boards

Converd board is an excellent alternative to plastic and foam presentation boards because it is recyclable and environmentally friendly. A 100% recyclable core and surface papers make up this all-paper honeycomb graphics board. Therefore, these mount boards can be thrown directly into the same recycle bin as corrugated boxes, depending on the print you mount.
But don't be duped by the environmentally friendly feature. These boards are incredibly strong and rigid, frequently on par with gator board's ultra-durable foamboards. The exclusive double-corrugated fluted pattern is the key to this. With the structural support of a much more dense board and the capacity to withstand bending and compression loads, it produces a board that is incredibly lightweight.

Additionally, these common corrugated mount boards are plain and uncoated with adhesive. They are safe to use with delicate framing and archival demands because they are acid-free. The edges and smooth front are both bright white and uncoated.


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  1. Converd Biodegradable 1/4" Mount Boards

    • 1/4" thick all white board.
    • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable.
    • Short term outdoor use.
    • Rugged and flat- compare to Gator and Sintra.
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