Eco Mounting Boards

Use Eco Mounting Boards for a more environmentally sustainable business. Eco-friendly, compostable, and biodegradable mounting boards are an eco-friendly alternative to foam, plastic, metal, and wood graphics board minus the environmental impact. Converd Biodegradable Mount Boards are from 100% fully recyclable and biodegradable paper; the board has a surface and flatness comparable to Sintra and Gator boards making it an ideal solution for applications that require a non-acidic surface such as in photography and archiving. EagleCell is comparable to Gator Boards and has a surface and core made from 100% fully recyclable paper. It provides a viable surface perfect for superior ink coverage and exceptional color gloss. notFOAM Corrugated Boards are biodegradable and recyclable and are used the same way as you would with foam-centered boards and can be disposed of as you would with corrugated boxes and other compostable materials. The boards are available in options with environmentally friendly adhesive. Self-adhesive boards are coated with a recyclable water-based adhesive which is a solid layer and comes without a plastic carrier. Heat-activated adhesive boards have a coat of heat-activated adhesive that bonds at 155 degrees and provides excellent adhesion. Check out Eco Mounting Boards for greener alternatives in sign-making.

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