46-55 Inch Wide Format Laminators
Finding a high quality wide format laminator should not be a difficult or headache-inducing task. That's why we have selected some of the more powerful, affordable, and easy to use laminators on the market, helping you choose from a varied range of products for the one that will suit your needs best. These 46-55 Inch Wide Format Laminators are designed to offer maximum efficiency, with speeds of 12' per minute and up to 25', whether you want to use them for hot or cold laminating processes. Take a look below to find the wide format laminator you have been looking for and give us a call if you have any questions!

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  1. Royal Sovereign Sigmont 55H 55" Heat Assist Roll Laminator

    • High Grade Silicone Rollers for Consistent Lamination.
    • Rear Slitters for Inline Print Separation.
    • Max Lamination Speed (fpm): 49.2'
    • Roller Diameter: 5.125" (130mm)
    Part #: SIGMONT-55H


  2. Royal Sovereign RSC-1401CLTW 55" Cold Roll Laminator

    • Maximum Laminating Width: 55" (1400 m)
    • Mounting Gap: Up to 5/8"
    • Laminating Speed: 16 ft./min. (5 m./min.)
    • Speed Control: 9 Settings
    Part #: RSC-1401CLTW


  3. Royal Sovereign RSC-5500H 55" Heat Assist Wide Formal Roll Laminator

    • Fast laminating speeds of up to 28 ft./min.
    • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
    • High quality silicone rubber rollers
    • Mounting gap of up to 2”
    Part #: RSC-5500H


  4. Fujipla LPV1200 Duo System Wide Format Laminator

    • Affordable wide format mounting and laminating
    • Rollers gap to handle up to 1" thick substrates, 47" width capacity
    • Heated upper and lower rollers with independent controls
    • Use thermal laminating films or pressure sensitive films 1.5 mil through 10 mil
    Part #: LPV1200


  5. SEAL 54 EL-1 54" Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator

    • Laminates graphics up to 54" wide.
    • Capable of laminating at speeds up to 14 feet/minute.
    • Manual nip adjustment up to 1" for handling of most substrates.
    • Durable uniframe construction requires no assembly and minimal maintenance.
    Part #: SEAL-54EL1


  6. GFP 355TH 55" Top Heat Wide Format Roll Laminator

    • Adds top heat for better overlamination, mounting, and board pre-coating.
    • Laminating Width: 55"
    • Easy set-up and low maintenance with a top heat boost.
    • Laminating Speed: 20 ft/min
    Part #: 355-TH


  7. GFP 255C 55" Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator

    • Labor saving 3" Aluminum Quick-Grip film shafts.
    • Laminating Width: 55"
    • Roller Diameter: 4.5"
    • Laminating Speed: 13 ft/min
    Part #: 255-C


  8. SEAL 54 Base 55" Wide Format Heat Assist Laminator

    • 55" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Maximum operating speed of 16.4’/minute.
    • 2" nip with manual adjustment suitable for working with a sled for road signs.
    • Heat assisted top roller for superb lamination performance.
    Part #: SEAL-54Base


8 Items

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