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Beige Laminating Foils

Give your documents a subtle uplift in style. Beige foil allows a noticeable pop in the presentation yet at the same time keeping it formal and professional. This earthy tone is non-conflicting and is sure to match many logos and icons while at the same time not hogging the spotlight. We have 8" and 12" widths that are available in 100' lengths for complete convenience. Create that professional and clean style on your business cards or special documents today!
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  1. Beige Pigment Laminating Foil Image 3

    Beige Pigment Laminating Foil

    Beige Pigment Laminating Foil Image 3
    • 8", 12" or 24" widths available
    • Flat, subtle yet professinal look
    • Designed to be used with a pouch laminator
    • 100' or 500' Length
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    Beige Pigment 8" x 100' Laminating FoilPG-BGE-47-8

    Your Price: $53.89

    Beige Pigment 12" x 100' Laminating FoilPG-BGE-47-12

    Your Price: $80.09

    Beige Pigment 24" x 500' Laminating FoilPG-BGE-47-24

    Your Price: $217.19

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