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Black Laminating Foils

Bold, distinguished, professional--these are just a few words that come to mind when one sees black laminating foil. Take your business cards or documents to the next level of professionalism and elegance and see for yourself why black is the standard for all things business. Accentuate, underline, or compliment your company logo with this color line. Available in 8" and 12" widths and 100' lengths, you are sure to find the right size for your project. Apply this with your printed documents and a nice pouch laminator and see the results right before your eyes.
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  1. Black Pigment Laminating Foil Image 3

    Black Pigment Laminating Foil

    Black Pigment Laminating Foil Image 3
    • 8", 12" and 24" widths available
    • Flat, subtle yet professinal look
    • Designed to be used with a pouch laminator
    • 100' or 1000' Length
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    Black Pigment 8" x 100' Laminating Foil PG-BLK-75-8

    Your Price: $53.89

    Black Pigment 12" x 100' Laminating Foil PG-BLK-75-12

    Your Price: $80.09

    Black Pigment 24" x 500' Laminating Foil PG-BLK-75-24

    Your Price: $217.19

    Black Pigment 24" x 1000' Laminating Foil PG-BLK-75-1000

    Your Price: $429.89

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