Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred Laminator (Discontinued)
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Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred Laminator (Discontinued)

Part #: I300220-A
Brand: Ledco
  • Lamination Width: 30"
  • Variable Speed - FPM: 0-65
  • Laminating Roller Diameter: 2 1/2"
  • Supply Roll Core Size: 3"
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Product Description

The Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred laminator is the ultimate in industrial, dependable high speed laminators. Capable of laminating at speeds of up to 65 feet per minute, the Ledco HS 30 Thoroughbred laminator offers your business, sign shop, manufacturing facility, or other business with an ideal, cost effective high speed laminator. The Ledco HS 30 Thoroughbred laminator is designed to work for years on high-demand applications, giving you the edge in production and time-saving lamination over the competition. Check out the Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred laminator today on MyBinding.com and start saving time and money today.

Product Details

  • Intelligent heat controllers display both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The microprocessor in the control quickly learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and keeps the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature.
  • Laminating and pull rollers are covered with quality silicone rubber for superior release quality, higher lamination quality and easier cleaning.
  • Swing-away top heat shoe is Teflon coated to reduce film abrasion.
  • Built-in retractable slitters save an enormous amount of cutting time by trimming away side scrap during the lamination process. The two heads can be adjusted independently with great precision.
  • Dual tension knobs (clutches) for each supply roll mandrel are easy to use and provide as little or as much tension as needed to keep work flat and wrinkle free.
  • Easy access controls are conveniently located and grouped for effective operation.
  • A safety shield is built into the top heat shoe to safeguard the operator.
  • Rear anti-wrap shield covers rear pull roller to prevent film wraparounds.
  • Both upper and lower rollers are driven to minimize the wrinkling or curling that can occur when one one roller is driven.
  • Forced air cooling with built in chill roll system provides contact cooling necessary for excellent quality flat lamination at higher speeds.
  • Standard precision feed tray has both left and right side guides. This unit can be either hand fed or easily adapted to a variety of feeders.
  • Includes stand and casters.
  • All electrical components conform to NRTL standards.
  • 2 year factory warranty.

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Item Specifications

  • Lamination Width: 30"
  • Variable Speed - FPM: 0-65
  • Laminating Roller Diameter: 2 1/2"
  • Supply Roll Core Size: 3"
  • Max. Laminating Thickness: 1/2"
  • Max. Film Roll Diameter: 22"
  • Dimensions (includes stand): 46"L x 42"H x 50"D
  • Electrical:220V / 50 amps
  • Motor: 1/4 HP DC
  • Warranty: 2 year Factory Warranty

Staff Review

Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred Laminator Review


Do you need to laminate large items in a hurry? If so, the Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred Laminator might be just what you need. Check out its strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths / Features:

  • The Thoroughbred can laminate materials that are up to 30" wide. This is the perfect laminator to use if you need to process posters, signage, banners, and so on.
  • This machine can process items that are 1/2" thick or less, so you can probably use it to process mounting boards. All laminating films are compatible with this device and the film can be up to 10 mil thick. (The core should be 3" across.) Due to this, everything you laminate will be adequately protected.
  • If you're working under a tight deadline, you'll appreciate how quickly this machine can crank out laminated materials. It can process as many as 65 feet of material in one minute.
  • This laminator's rollers are made out of silicone. This is really the best material for rollers because it helps distribute heat evenly and it smooths out imperfections so your work will look fantastic. You can also ensure your items will be free of wrinkles by adjusting the machine's dual tension knobs.
  • The Thoroughbred has a number of user-friendly features to ensure your success with this device. For one thing, the machine has a safety shield to prevent burns. Also, the device has heat controllers that not only display your desired temperature setting, they also show the machine's current temperature.
  • There are a number of options available for this device. These include a footage counter, stand, and line cutter.
  • The Thoroughbred comes with a 2-year warranty so you're covered if you need to repair or replace it.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Thoroughbred is a rather large machine. Its dimensions are 50" (height) x 46" (width) x 42" (depth), so it's not recommend for small work areas. Also, this machine is heavy: it weighs in at 250 pounds.
  • This machine is meant for laminating large materials. If you need to process smaller items (ID cards, menus, snapshots, etc.), you should have a small pouch laminator available to you.


The Ledco High-Speed 30" Laminator is definitely a workhorse and it's ideal for businesses and organizations that need to laminate a lot of items on a regular basis. This is one of the best high-speed devices on the market and it's perfect for larger materials. Your items will look great thanks to this machine's silicone rollers and it will be easy to find the right laminating film for it. The Thoroughbred is safe to operate and it has user-friendly features that make using it a breeze. Also, the warranty coverage is terrific and there are some great options available. Just keep in mind that this device isn't the best choice for smaller work areas and that you should have a pouch laminator on-hand for smaller materials. Be sure to check out the Thoroughbred if it sounds like the right laminator for your workplace.

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