Ledco Signmaster 44" Hot Roll Laminator & Mounter 110V - 2044110 (Discontinued)
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Sorry, but Ledco Signmaster 44" Hot Roll Laminator & Mounter 110V - 2044110 (Discontinued) is no longer available to buy.

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Ledco Signmaster 44" Hot Roll Laminator & Mounter 110V - 2044110 (Discontinued)

Part #: 2044110
Brand: Ledco
  • Lamination Width: 44"
  • Variable Speed - FPM: 1-25
  • Laminating Roller Diameter: 3"
  • Max. Laminating Thickness: 1/2"

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Product Description

The Ledco Signmaster 44" hot roll laminator provides graphic print shops, copy shops, sign shops, manufacturers and other businesses with an excellent 44" wide roll laminator suitable for all of your heavy lamination needs. The Signmaster 44" supports transfer tape application, vinyl application, mounting, over laminating using thermal mounting pouches, one sided lamination with pressure sensitive films, and more, making the Signmaster 44" roll laminator and mounter a diverse and reliable machine for all of your laminating needs. If your business is looking for a high quality, reliable, versitile, and highly capable laminate and mounting machine, look no further than the Ledco Signmaster 44" Hot Roll Laminator today. Check out all of the extra features below on your way to the check out. This unit is also available in 220V, if interested in this option please contact our customer service department.

Product Details

  • A release liner take-up with an adjustable clutch, takes up the release liner found on most pressure-sensitive films.
  • Roller bearings, alloy construction and high quality motors insure a long and trouble-free life for these machines.
  • A variable speed motor control allows operators to apply different materials to different substrates. A preset 3-function switch allows operation in variable speed mode, a preset film speed mode and a preset pouch speed mode.
  • The feed tray is non-ferrous, so magnetic materials may be applied.
  • The supply roll tension knobs are important, because without some supply roll tension, most films and tapes will wrinkle during application.
  • A reverse drive switch makes it simple to back material out of the laminating rollers or correct material wrap-around.
  • A foot pedal is a standard feature that frees hands to align and feed work.
  • A stand is included with the machine.
  • A safety shield with electronic interlock prevents operation of the machine if the guard and the feed tray are not in place, protecting operators and other employees.
  • Two safety stop buttons on both sides of the machine will automatically stop the machine when the operator pushes them in.
  • Correct and even lamination pressure is ensured by rubber rolls that are spring-loaded and preset. The pressure is easy to adjust if required when performing routine maintenance.
  • Manufactured in the USA means quality, better service and faster parts availability.
  • Ledco's tradition of 30 plus years of service to industry.
  • All electrical components conform to NRTL standards.
  • 2 year factory warranty.

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Item Specifications

  • Lamination Width: 44"
  • Variable Speed - FPM: 1-25
  • Laminating Roller Diameter: 3"
  • Supply Roll Core Size: 3"
  • Recommend Film Thickness: 1 mil and up
  • Max. Laminating Thickness: 1/2"
  • Dimensions: 64"L x 34"W x 51"H
  • Motor: 1/4 HP DC
  • Electrical:110 V, 1500 watts, 15 amps
  • Warranty: 2 year Factory Warranty

Staff Review

Ledco Signmaster Laminator Review


    Have you been looking for a wide-format roll laminator? If so, the Ledco Signmaster just might be the right machine for your needs. We recently tried out this laminator so we could determine what its strengths and weaknesses are. Here's what we discovered:

Features/ Strengths:

  • The Signmaster is a wide-format laminator and it can handle materials that are up to 44" wide. This device would be a good choice if you want or need to laminate large items such as blueprints, flow charts, signs, and so on.
  • This machine is compatible with laminating film that's up to 10 mil thick. Due to this, you'll be able to give your documents and materials an excellent amount of protection. The rolls of laminating film you use can have a 3-inch core so it should be pretty easy to find the right supplies. You can also use mounting boards with this device and do one-sided laminator. All in all, this is a really durable machine.
  • The Signmaster operates very quickly so you can get your work done in very little time. It's capable of laminating up to 25 feet of material in one minute. This would be a great machine to have around if you regularly need to crank out a lot of work under tight deadlines.
  • Using this machine is very safe because it's equipped with a safety shield. There's also two stop buttons on both sides of the machines so you can easily stop the laminator in case of an emergency.
  • The Signmaster is very durable and it's backed by a terrific 2-year warranty. Also, it's made in the United States so you can feel good about supporting an American company.


  • Since this is a wide-format laminator, it's quite large. Its dimensions are 64" (width) x 51" (height) x 34" (depth) so you should measure your work area to ensure that it will fit in it. This machine is also extremely heavy: it weighs 550 pounds. Thus, you'll want to choose a good spot for it so you won't need to move it around very much. (If at all.)
  • The Signmaster is partially operated by a foot pedal. This might be a bit awkward if you've never used a foot pedal before but you'll probably be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly.


    Overall, we recommend the Ledco Signmaster and think it's a terrific wide-format roll laminator. This machine will help you get your work done quickly and it's incredibly versatile since it can laminate, work with mounting boards, and so on. Since this machine can handle items that are up to 44" wide, you'll have no trouble laminating your large items. Thanks to the safety shield and stop buttons, this device is very safe to use so you can probably laminate without any problems. We love the fact that this device is American-made and that it comes with a good warranty. Although the machine has a couple of weaknesses, don't let that deter you. The Signmaster is really great. Check it out today.

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