Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive - 39.4" x 50'
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Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive - 39.4" x 50'

Part #: DMSA39050
Brand: Drytac
  • Film Finish: Magnetic Sheet
  • Can be die cut or knife cut cleanly.
  • Can be coiled to a 1/2" radius without cracking
  • Pull Strength: 86.5 pounds per square foot
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Product Description

This 39.4" x 50' Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive is suitable for solvent inkjet, UV or screen printing. This magnetic sheeting can be used to produce magnetic vehicle graphics or any graphic that will be applied to any surface where a magnet will stick. The 39.4" x 50' Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive is also perfect for advertising signage, digital imaging, digital graphics, custom magnets and digital wraps.

Product Details

  • Film Width:39.4"
  • Film Length: 50'
  • Film Thickness: 30mil
  • Base Product: 30mil magnetic sheet
  • Coating: 2.0mil white PVC on non magnetized side

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Technical Data

Drytac Magnetic Sheeting is a multi-purpose magnet material. It is a UV resistant, printable strontium ferrite bonded flexible magnet with or without an acrylic adhesive base. It can be used to create magnetic vehicle graphics or graphics that will be applied to surfaces where magnets stick. Drytac Magnetic Sheeting meets requirements of EN71-3, RoHS and Phathates.

Typical Applications
  • Ideal for advertising signage, digital imaging and digital graphics.
  • Perfect for custom magnets and vehicle magnets.

Print Compatibility
  • Excellent print quality on screen, flexo, digital, inkjet, off set hot stamp, and litho printers.
  • (Eco) Solvent (product code DMS only).
  • UV (product code DMS only).

Product Structure

Product Code Description Thickness Magnetic Power Dimensions
DMS White PVC surface 20 mil (508µ) 60 lbs/ft2 24.375" x 50'
(619mm x 15m)
DMS White PVC surface 30 mil (762µ) 87 lbs/ft2 39" x 50' (991mm x 15m)
DMSA Adhesive layer without white PVC surface 30 mil (762µ) 87 lbs/ft2 39" x 50' (991mm x 15m)

Physical Characteristics

Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.002" (0.05mm)
Adhesive Base (DMSA) Acrylic
180° Peel Adhesion 1.0
Hardness Shore D35
Specific Gravity 3.6
Flexibility Coiled to a 0.5" (13mm) radius without cracking at 68°F (20°C)
Machinability Die cutting, knife cutting, etc.
Weatherability Best performing product in adverse weather conditions and in temperatures from -15°F to 160°F (-26°C to 71°C)

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