Martin Yale 3000CC Cross Cut Shredder
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Martin Yale 3000CC Cross Cut Shredder

Part #: 253764
Brand: Martin Yale
  • Shreds paper, CDs and credit cards
  • Handles paper clips and staples too
  • On / Off control via light barrier
  • Separate safety slot for credit card and CD shredding

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Product Description

The new Martin Yale 3000CC cross cut shredder is perfect for a small office with 1-3 users. The Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut shredder is versatile and can easily handle CD's, DVD's and credit cards. This shredder offers performance and security standards which normally can only be found in high-end shredders. The Martin Yale 3000 cross cut shredder turns on and off automatically when it senses items that need to be shredded and includes an led panel for safe operation. With the 3000CC you can shred documents with paper clips and staples. Plus, the sealed enclosure helps to cut down on paper dust while the window in the front the door helps to let you know when your shredder is full. In additional to all of these features, the Martin Yale 3000 series of shredders come mounted on a set of four casters for easy mobility throughout your office. Check out the Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut Shredder for yourself today.

Product Details

  • Shreds paper, CDs and credit cards
  • Handles paper clips and staples too
  • On / Off control via light barrier
  • Separate safety slot for credit card and CD shredding
  • LED controls
  • Dustproof enclosed waste basket with window
  • Easy emptying by pulling out the waste basket
  • Stores and moves easily on 4 locking casters

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 5/32" x 1-5/8"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 15 sheet (approx)
  • Throat Size: 9 inches
  • Shred Container: 11.1 gallon
  • Supply Voltage: 120v
  • Power Consumption: 0.5hp
  • Dimensions: 16.5

Staff Review

Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut Shredder Review

There are many choices out there for small office shredders. But one to stop and look at is the Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut Shredder. This petite machine is designed for the light duty needs of about 1-3 users. It is reliable and simple to use. Here is a closer look.


  • An automatic stop and start controlled by a light barrier means you can simply slide your documents into the opening and the machine begins shredding on cue. An LED control panel shows you the exact status of your device at all times and includes options for Stand-by, Paper Jam, Overheat, Receptacle Removed or Full, and Reverse Operation. If your shredder isn’t working properly, one glimpse will tell you what is going on so you can quickly resolve the issue and continue working.
  • Small dimensions allow the 3000 to be kept in a tight space if needed. It stands just over two feet tall and can sit neatly next to your desk or tuck away in a corner for easy accessibility. Four locking casters on the bottom offer effortless transport from one spot to another.
  • The nine inch feed opening accepts up to 15 sheets at once including staples and paperclips. A separate slot offers the safe disposal of credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. This prevents tiny shards from flying up into your eyes. Private information can come in many forms, so it’s nice to have an easy way to destroy it.
  • The cross cutting mechanism turns full sized documents into minute pieces only 5/32 inch by 1-5/8 inches in size. These shreds offer a level 3 security rating and keep your personal information safe.
  • Confetti pieces are collected in an 11.1 gallon waste bin that pulls out for easy discarding. The bin sits in a dustproof enclosed cabinet with a window that allows simple monitoring of the amount of shreds deposited.


  • This shredder offers only a moderate security rating. While a level 3 security is adequate for most home and office documents, highly classified information needs safer disposal. If your office has extremely sensitive information to dispose of, you may prefer a high security model.
  • Because this model is designed for light use by only a few people, it offers smaller capacities. If you need a device for heavier shredding usage or for use by multiple people, consider an upgrade to a higher model with larger capabilities.
  • The motor on this shredder is not rated for continuous run. This means that for every short period of heavy use the motor will shut down for a cool off period. Light, occasional use won’t be hindered by this. However, offices with higher shredding needs might prefer a machine with a more powerful motor.

Overall, the Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut is ideal for the light duty needs of home and small office users. Automatic features make it convenient and easy to use. Level 3 security ensures your confidential information stays safe. We would highly recommend the 3000 Cross Cut Shredder for your next light use shredder.

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