MBM DestroyIt 3803 Strip Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0312
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MBM DestroyIt 3803 Strip Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0312

Part #: MB-3803SC
Brand: MBM
  • Quiet and powerful single phase motor (1 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
  • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
  • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
  • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags
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Product Description

The DestroyIt 3803 Strip Cut Shredder from MBM is a great heavy duty, high volume, centralized office shredder designed to shred large amounts of material daily. The DestroyIt 3803 Strip Cut Shredder features a "SPS" (Safety Protection System) package with a electronically controlled, transparent safety shield in the feed opening. It also includes an "Easy Switch" control element that uses color codes and back-lit symbols to indicate operational status. The Destroyit 3803 will automatically stop when your shred bag is full or when the cabinet door is opened. It also has an automatic reverse and stop in case of paper jam. The Destroyit 3803 Strip Cut Shredder has double protection against overheating, automatic start and stop controlled by a photo cell, high quality hardened steel cutting shafts that accept staples, paper clips and credit cards. All Destroyit shredders have a 10 year warranty on Strip Cut and Cross Cut shafts and wheels. All other parts have a 1 year warranty (excluding wearables).

Product Details

  • Quiet and powerful single phase motor (1 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
  • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
  • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
  • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags
  • 42 Gallon Bin Capacity
  • Strip Width: 1/4"
  • Sheet Capacity: 20-23 sheets
  • Shred Speed: 35 ft / min.
  • Security Level: 2
  • Feed Opening: 16"
  • Max. Horsepower: 1
  • Dimensions: 18 1/2" D x 24" W x 37 1/2" H
  • Weight: 116 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 Year Manufacturer on Shafts and Wheels, 1 Year on all other parts

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Staff Review

MBM Destroyit 3803 Strip Cut Paper Shredder – DSH0312 Review

For a high volume central office shredder, the MBM Destroyit 3803 Strip Cut is a great low security option. Utilizing hardened steel blades and a robust single phase motor, the 3803 is equipped to slice large stacks of documents continuously throughout the day. Automatic features provide easy and convenient use. Here is a closer look.


  • A Safety Protection System comes on all MBM office shredders. It includes a safety guard over the feed opening to prevent fingers and other objects from entering the blades as well as preventing shards from flying out. An oversized “Easy Switch” allows control of three functions- stand-by, stop, reverse- in one button. Backlit optical signals display operational status. Auto stop and reverse function to prevent paper jams by cutting power to the motor if paper is overfed and sending the items back out to the user. An automatic shut-off also triggers when the bag is full or the cabinet door is open. Finally, an Energy Save Mode kicks in after one hour of idleness to conserve electricity.
  • The high quality blades, backed by a lifetime warranty, are driven by a powerful single phase motor. The motor is rated for continuous use and double protected against overheating. The durable gears are housed in a dustproof enclosure to avoid corrosion. Together these features ensure your shredder stays in optimal working order.
  • A photo cell automatic start and stop senses paper in the wide 16 inch feed and begins shredding instantly. The blades can handle as many as 23 sheets at once, including document fasteners, credit cards, and CDs. Items are sliced as fast as 35 feet per minute, allowing you to spend less time shredding and more time focused on important tasks.
  • The strips fall into a 42 gallon plastic bag housed in a wooden cabinet. The nice thing about the cabinet is that the wood acts as a noise reducer by absorbing sound from the motor. A pull-out bag frame is mounted on rollers in the console for convenient removal of the shred bag. The entire unit is situated on casters for easy mobility.


  • With strip cutting blades, this machine only offers a level 2 security rating. For general office shredding of memos and other low risk items, this is safe enough. However, if your office needs more secure document destruction, this same model is available in a level 3 cross cut version.
  • Unlike some central office shredders, this one does not have an automatic oil injection system. MBM recommends that strip cut shredders be oiled for every hour of use. Businesses only needing moderate usage may not have a problem with this. But for high volume use, the machine may need oiling throughout the day. If this is your case, you may consider another MBM model, such as the 3105, that automatically oils itself when needed.

For a smooth shredding process, the MBM Destroyit 3803 is a great option. Safety features and automatic functions offer convenient and easy use. Low risk documents are quickly eaten by the hardened steel blades. And a warranty gives peace of mind. The 3803 Strip Cut is an excellent choice for your next central office shredder.

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