MBM Triumph 5551-06EP Side Tables - 0432
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MBM Triumph 5551-06EP Side Tables - 0432

Part #: MB-0432
Brand: MBM
  • Compatible Cutters: MBM Triumph 5551-06EP
  • Designed to for high volume applications where productivity is essential
  • Helps give you more room to stack finished and in process jobs
  • Part Number: MB-0432
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Product Description

These high quality Side Tables are designed specifically to work with your Triumph Cutter to make it easier to use (especially when handling larger sized materials). These side tables are designed to easily attach to the sides of your Triumph Cutter. Adding side tables to your cutter will give you more room to stack finished and in process jobs. For high volume applications where productivity is essential you don't want to live without these important accessories. Get yours today.

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  • Compatible Cutters: MBM Triumph 5551-06EP
  • Part Number: MB-0432

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MBM Triumph 5551-06 EP Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter Review

Hydraulic paper cutters are vital to many offices. The MBM Triumph 5551-06 EP Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter provides an efficient and convenient machine that offers a fast way of obtaining crisply sliced paper with professional precision. This heavy duty cutter is designed to handle even the most rigorous use. Let’s take a closer look at the details.


  • Like all Triumph cutters, this one is equipped with a Safety Cutting System. Transparent covers guard the front and rear tables. Blade, clamp, and cutting stick adjustments can all be made without removing the machine’s covers. Even knife changes can take place with out exposing the cutting edge. The blade automatically returns from any position and a disk brake provides instant stopping if needed. These along with other safety features work to ensure injury-free operation.
  • The programming feature has a high memory capacity, storing up to 99 programs with up to nine repeat cuts each. This is especially beneficial in high volume environments that make the same cuts regularly. It saves time by not requiring the user to set the measurements every time.
  • Hydraulic controls provide mark free slicing of specialty stocks. No matter if you only need one sheet sliced or an entire ream, the false clamp cushions the paper to protect against indentations and give you professional looking results. Both the blade and the clamp are hydraulically controlled. The clamp is adjustable between 1900 and 3800 psi with even pressure applied to the full length of the blade to ensure crisp slices.
  • The blade is made out of solid HSS Solingen steel, a high grade German product. This model also comes with a solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides. The all metal construction gives you a sturdy machine that is likely to last well beyond the one year warranty.
  • Paper as thick as 3-5/8″ and up to 21-5/8″ wide can be sliced at once. Narrow strips as small as 1.25″ can be made, though that increases to 2-3/8 if the false clamp is down. Behind the blade there is almost an extra two feet of workspace while in front boasts 18 inches. Optional extension tables could provide an even larger surface area if needed.


  • The technical specs overall are great on this machine. But a range of 1900-3800 psi might not be enough for some businesses. The 721-06 offers a similar machine with even greater pressure control.
  • As you probably expect, this is a large and heavy machine. There are casters on the bottom of the cabinet for easier portability. However, you will want to be sure you have enough space in your office for a machine of this size; it probably won’t work well in a small space.

As you can see, the MBM Triumph 5551-06 EP Paper Cutter is more than capable of handling high demand use in a busy office. Any business with massive quantities of paper to cut on a regular basis would benefit from this efficient and convenient machine. With the additional safety features and a warranty backing, this is definitely an excellent paper cutter. We would highly recommend the 5551-06 as an excellent addition to any office needing a heavy duty paper cutter.

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