MHL Scribe 3mil Dry Erase Laminating Film
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MHL Scribe 3mil Dry Erase Laminating Film

Brand: Drytac
  • 4 popular roll widths
  • 500' roll length
  • Ability to be written on and erased with dry erase
  • Ideal for presentation boards, schedules, etc.
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MHL Scribe 3mil 38" x 500' Dry Erase Laminating Film MS38503
MHL Scribe 3mil 51" x 500' Dry Erase Laminating Film MS51503

Product Description

MHL Scribe 3mil is an economical thermal overlaminating film with a dry-erase gloss finish. It can be written on with black dry-erase markers and wiped clean with a dry cloth or eraser. The most common applications for MHL Scribe include re-usable presentation boards, schedules, vacation planners, maps and courtroom displays. MHL Scribe can also be used in conjunction with Ferro to create dry-erase magnet-receptive calendars and coaches play boards. However, MHL Scribe is not recommended for coated inkjet output with high ink coverage or for use with colored dry-erase markers. Protac Scribe would be a superior choice for such applications.

Product Details

  • Film Width: 25" - 51"
  • Film Length: 500'
  • Film Thickness: 3.0mil
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Finish: Dry-erase Gloss
  • Base Film: 0.75mil (19 micron)
  • Adhesive: 2.25 mil (56 micron) polyethylene copolymer
  • Initial Tack: None
  • Application Speed: 2' - 10' per minute
  • Application Temperature: 210 F - 240 F
  • Release Liner: None

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Item Specifications

  • Specifically developed for multi-heat roller laminators (MHL) and hotshoe laminators
  • Co-extruded for a carefully balanced ratio of polyester film to adhesive.
  • Higher clarity for more vibrant colors, reduced "orange peel", greater rigidity (which reduces wrinkles and waves) and better adhesive flow characteristics (wet out).
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes from standard gloss and lustre finishes to scratch-resistant films suitable for outdoor applications
  • Suitable for both single sided and double sided laminating (encapsulation) of photographic, electrostatic, inkjet-bond, xerographic and lithographic output, as well as many more applications.
  • Incorporate UV absorbers for excellent protection from damaging UV rays.


Part NumberRoll WidthRoll LengthThicknessFilm Finish
MS2550325"500'3 milDry-erase Gloss
MS3850338"500'3 milDry-erase Gloss
MS4350343"500'3 milDry-erase Gloss
MS5150351"500'3 milDry-erase Gloss

Technical Data

MHL Scribe is a 3 mil (75µ) high clarity, abrasion-resistant PP thermal laminating film with a gloss fi nish. The film is engineered with a specially formulated copolymer thermal adhesive for a low melt-point for single-sided lamination. With its dry erase characteristics, black dry erase markers can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Typical Applications
  • Ideal for laminating book jackets, report covers and other specialty applications.
  • Suitable for courtroom displays.
  • Can be used for short-term dry erase boards.

Physical Characteristics

Film Thickness 3 mil (75µ)
Film/Adhesive Ratio 0.5:2.5
Processing Temperature 210°F to 230°F (99°C to 110°C)
Shelf Life Use within 1 year after opening original box
Storage Conditions 59°F to 72°F (15°C to 22°C);50 - 55% Relative Humidity

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