No-Twist Badge Reel with Swivel Clip
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No-Twist Badge Reel with Swivel Clip

Brand: MyBinding
  • 6 popular colors available
  • 34" Cord length
  • Locking mechanism to keep badge facing forward
  • Swivel clip adds versatility
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Product Description

These high quality No-Twist Badge Reels with Swivel Clip are designed with a contoured bullet that locks in place when the reel is retracted. This helps to ensure that your badge or ID won't twist as you wear it. That means that the badge will always face forward so that co-workers and personnel within your organization can easily identify you. These high quality badge reels are available in both solid and translucent colors and with your choice of a swivel clip or belt clip. Each badgre reel includes a clear vinyl strap to attach your badge or ID card and offers a 34 inch cord length that makes it easy to extend your ID or access card.

Product Details

  • Type:No-Twist Round Badge Reels
  • Reel Diameter: 1-1/4"
  • Cord Length: 34 Inches
  • Color: Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Translucent Blue or White
  • Attachment: Clear Vinyl Strap
  • Clip: Swivel Clip
  • Quantity: 25 Per Pack

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ColorPart NumberCord LengthReel DiameterAttachment
Black2120-764034 Inches1-1/4"Clear Vinyl Strap
Navy2120-764134 Inches1-1/4"Clear Vinyl Strap
Red2120-764434 Inches1-1/4"Clear Vinyl Strap
Royal Blue2120-764234 Inches1-1/4"Clear Vinyl Strap
Translucent Blue2120-764634 Inches1-1/4"Clear Vinyl Strap
White2120-764334 Inches1-1/4"Clear Vinyl Strap

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