Air Pillow Machines
If you’re looking for an easy way to pack and protect your product while shipping while maintaining a professional look then look no further! Here at we carry an Air Pillow Machine that will do just that. This machine works by filling plastic sacks with air that you can then use to pack your products; think of it as oversized bubble wrap. This particular item will work as fast as you do so you can meet all your shipping demands. Oh, and did we mention this particular form of packaging is a sure way to impress whomever is receiving your product? Check out the option below!

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  1. Accel Air 1 Air Pillow / Bubble Wrap Packaging Machine

    • Allows you to make air cushions and bubble wraps on demand
    • Max Speed: 9-1/2' / minute (3 m/min.)
    • Sleep Mode after 2 hours of non-use
    • Compact, can be moved to location needed. Saves valuable warehouse space, fully portable
    Part #: 04ACCELAIR1


  2. Accel Air 3 Air Pillow / Bubble Wrap Packaging Machine

    • Create your own air cushions and bubble wrap
    • Max speed of 26'per minute, or 10 m per min
    • Works with AccerAir Air Pillows and Bubble Pad Air Tubes
    • Compact and easy to move when and as needed
    Part #: 04ACCELAIR3


  3. SealerSales YC-03FD Air Pillow Machine

    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Up to 145 5" x 8" air pillows per minute.
    • Adjustable speed and heating controls.
    Part #: YC-03FD


3 Items

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