Hard Drive Destroyers/Crushers/Punchers/Shredders
Data security and privacy is now deemed top-priority! Bring security to you business with our hard drive destroyers that will bring peace of mind knowing no valuable data will ever find its way to the wrong hands. Check out our selection of drive destroyers from Dahle, Destroyit, Formax, Intimus, and Proton and see what will suit your needs. From the simplest to the most sophisticated in technology, we have the destroyer to punch, shred, or crush all kinds of hard drives making sure that you are protected from potential data breaches.

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  1. Formax FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder

    • Destroys hard drives
    • Handles 2.5" and 3.5" drives
    • Hardened solid steel blades
    • Separate shredding chambers
    Part #: FD 87HDS


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1 Item

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