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Sorry, but Powis Premium Blue Polka Dots iCase is no longer available to buy.

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Powis Premium Blue Polka Dots iCase
$72.19 NewCondition OutOfStock
Powis Premium Blue Polka Dots iCase

Powis Premium Blue Polka Dots iCase

Part #: IP21KW3
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Brand: Powis Parker


We all love our iPad; why not protect it with a multi-functional premium case? Enhance your iPad experience with the creative blue polka dots with a brown background print case design that features 9 display positions with the possibility of more. The iCase is constructed with premium book cloth covers with 100% recycled board, creating a more environmental friendly product. The interior is aligned with the smooth and soft black leather, providing a protection layer to the screen and prevent scratches when it's closed. Powis encourages personalization, and individuality with the variety of classic pre-designed prints like animal skin and floral to polka dots and sports theme. Having trouble selecting the right decoration or color? No problem let your own imagination take its course and design your own personal case with the option to upload your own pictures. Sleek, non-bulky design is to maintain the iPad's true weight and size, keeping it light-weight with state-of-the-art protection. Simple and easy snap in case allows for a quick loading and unloading process. Powis incorporated a business card pocket, providing a professional outlook with an identifiable label. Convenient movable hand strap allows for a more secure grasp of your iPad for quick on the go occasions. Fingerprints and smudges are unavoidable and can be annoying, especially when the iPad is being used for movies or presentation. Powis has taken the next step to help eliminate that problem by introducing a secret compartment for a wipe cloth. The cloth is a microfiber wipe that will clear any unwanted marks on the screen, providing a crystal clear and shiny iPad display. This unique iCase has 9 imaginable display positions. However, there is always the possibility for more creative ways to use the case. Powis iCase features electrifying benefits catering to the iPad 2 and the 3rd gen iPad users. Simple sleep and wake-up modes allow for the iPad 2 to automatically go to sleep when the case is closed. Wake up instantly once the case is open. This amazing feature will allow your iPad to always be ready to operate and conserve the battery life as well. Running into the problem of losing your stylus or place to store it? Powis has invented a perfect place to keep your stylus secure and within reach. The iCase by Powis is truly one-of-a-kind iPad case holder. With variety different types of leather combinations, you have the freedom to pick and customize the design to your liking. Upload your favorite photos, inserting your name, initial, company logo or just about anything is possible. From luxurious, handcrafted Spanish leather case for work to a bright patterned case to show-off, the power is in your hands. Don't just protect your iPad, protect it with style!

Product Details

  • 9 different unique display positions
  • Convenient moveable handstrap for secure transportation
  • Simple snap frame ensure the iPad is secured and inplace.
  • Built-in business card pocket for convenient placement
  • Made from 100% recycled board
  • Includes microfiber wipe cloth stored in a hidden storage
  • Exciting blue polka dots book cloth exterior cover with premium black interior leather


  • Stylus placement to prevent loss or missplaced stylus
  • Sleep and awake battery saver mode, simply by closeing or opening the case
  • Strategic cutouts ensure the iPad 2 and 3 are camera ready


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