Premier StakCut AC150 15" Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
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Premier StakCut AC150 15" Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer

Part #: AC150
Brand: Premier
  • Automatic clamp mechanism for simplistic use and accurate cuts
  • Easily cuts up to 40 sheets 20-lb. bond paper
  • 15" long cutting blade
  • Patented hand lock safety system
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Product Description

The Martin Yale Premier AC150 auto-clamp stakcut trimmer is a high quality, accurate and stylish portable paper trimmer. This heavy duty guillotine style paper trimmer sets itself apart from other guillotine cutters with its unique auto-clamp system. The auto-clamp conveniently holds your sheets in place while cutting. This allows the Premier Stakcut AC150 to cut up to 40 sheets of 20lb bond paper at one time. The AC150 has a 15" long cutting blade and includes several great safety features to make sure that you don't cut off your fingers. Check out the Premier AC150 Auto-Clamp StakCut trimmer today.

Product Details

  • Automatic clamp mechanism for simplistic use and accurate cuts
  • Easily cuts up to 40 sheets 20-lb. bond paper
  • 15" long cutting blade
  • Patented hand lock safety system
  • Auto-clamp also functions as finger guard safety feature
  • Attractive design elements fits into any office decor
  • High precision, easy to read pad printed graphics, insures accuracy when cutting
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimensions: 133/8" X 251/8" x 4"
  • Weight: 10.75 lbs.
  • Part Number: 0-11991-00150-1

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Premier StakCut AC150 Paper Trimmer Review

A good paper trimmer can really make it easy to cut large amounts of paper in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for one, you should consider taking a look at the Premier StakCut AC150 from Martin Yale. This device has a terrific cutting capacity, some first-rate safety features, and it’s easy to use. Here’s all you need to know about this great product. Read on to learn all about the StakCut AC150.

  • The StakCut AC150 has a cutting capacity that’s simply phenomenal. It’s able to cut up to 40 sheets of normal copy or printer paper at once. This would be a great cutter to use for all of your cutting jobs – both large and small.
  • This trimmer can cut paper that’s up to 15 inches long. You’ll be able to trim a wide variety of items including legal- and tabloid-sized paper that measure 8.5” x 14” and 11” x 17”, respectively. (Note: you’ll have to trim the tabloid-sized documents on the shorter side.)
  • The StakCut AC150 has an automatic paper clamp that actually has two functions. First, it will keep your documents neatly stacked as you cut them so you don’t end up with sheets that have been improperly trimmed. Also, the clamp doubles as a finger guard so that your hands won’t get injured. As for other safety features, this device has a patented hand lock safety system so the entire process will be as safe as possible.
  • This is one of the most stylish cutters on the market today and it will look great in any office. It would look terrific sitting next to your other office machines such as your PC, printer, or laminator.
  • The base of this cutter has been imprinted with an easy-to-read alignment grid. Since the measurements are so easy to read, you’ll definitely be able to get a more accurate cut. Plus, this device has an illuminated cutting line so you can get great results every time you use it.
  • This device won’t take up very much room because it has dimensions of 13-3/8” (width) x 25-1/8” (depth) x 4” (height). If you ever need to move it to a new place, it will be easy to do since it only weighs 12 pounds.
  • The StakCut AC150’s blade is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The rest of the machine is backed for one full year so it can be repaired or even replaced if the need arises.

Recommendation: The Premier StakCut AC150 is one of the best paper cutters on the market. It would be great for just about any working environment including professional offices, art and photography studios, copy shops, and even schools. This device is easy to use and its safety features greatly reduce the risk of injury. Granted, this trimmer doesn’t have an extremely long cutting length, but overall it’s a great paper cutter that gets the job done. So take a look at the StakCut AC150 today so you can what it can do for you.

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