Premier StakCut HR120 12" StakCut Rotary Paper Trimmer
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Premier StakCut HR120 12" StakCut Rotary Paper Trimmer

Part #: HR120
Brand: Premier
  • Capacity: High capacity StakCut Rotary Trimmer cuts 20 sheets of 20-lb. bond paper in one easy pass
  • Cutting guides and measurement grid: Easy to read measuring grid improves speed and accuracy when cutting
  • Has angular grid to make those tough angle cuts easier to accomplish
  • High tech appearance: The style easily fits any office or home decor
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Product Description

The Martin Yale Premier HR120 Stakcut rotary trimmer is ideal for copy rooms, media preparation centers, office and schools. The HR120 can cut up to 20 sheets of 20lb bond paper in one easy pass and includes a number of features not included with other rotary paper trimmers. The Premier HR120 includes a paper clamp mechanism that holds your paper in place for accurate and safe cutting. It also includes a precise lighted cutting line to help ensure that you get the most accurate cuts possible every single time. The Martin Yale Premier HR120 also includes a heavy duty base with an easy to read measuring grid to improve speed and accuracy when cutting. Check out the Stakcut HR120 Paper cutter today.

Product Details

  • Capacity: High capacity StakCut

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Staff Review

Premier HR120 StakCut Rotary Trimmer Review

With so many rotary trimmers on the market, choosing one can be hard. If you need one for letter-sized paper, one option is the Premier HR120 StakCut from Martin Yale. This device has a lot of great features such as a large cutting capacity and a contemporary look. Here’s what you need to know about it.

  • One of the most important things to consider when buying a rotary trimmer is its cutting capacity. Luckily, the HR120 has a great one because it can cut up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. This makes it ideal for just about any size cutting job.
  • As far as cutting length goes, the HR120 can cut paper that’s up to 12 inches long. This is an ideal length for letter-sized paper because it measures 8.5” x 11”. (You’ll also be able to trim smaller documents.) However, if you need to process larger pieces of paper, this may not be the best trimmer to get for obvious reasons.
  • It can be difficult to know exactly where to cut. Luckily, it’s easy to figure out when you use this device because there are cutting guides and an alignment grid printed right on the base. (The guides and grid are really easy to read. There’s even a guide that will help you do angled cuts.) The HR120 also has an illuminated cutting line so you can see exactly when your paper will be cut before you actually do anything. This greatly increases the chance of your cut being just where you want it and ensures that you won’t need to do things over.
  • Your materials will stay in place as you cut it because the HR120 comes with a paper clamp. The clamp will keep the sheets nice and flush so they won’t fan, which can lead to a botched job.
  • This trimmer has a look that’s modern and attractive. It will look great no matter where you put it. And it won’t take up very much room either because its dimensions are approximately 13” (width) x 22.5” (length) x 5” (height).
  • The HR120 is constructed really well and it will definitely be able to withstand heavy-duty use. (It’s made from metal and wood.) Also, it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty which is always a sign that a company takes pride in their product.

Conclusion: The Premier HR120 StakCut is one of the better rotary trimmers you can buy, especially if cutting capacity is important to you. There are some cutters that can only handle 10 sheets at a time, so being able to cut through 20 really makes this device stand out. The cutting length is also good, especially if you work with paper that’s not any larger than letter-size. The illuminated cutting light is a welcome feature and it will really help you get the cut you need. So, all together, the HR120 is a great choice if you need a new tool with which to trim your documents.

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