Printable Glossy Identification Cards 2up (Front)
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Printable Glossy Identification Cards 2up (Front)

Part #: ID851190T2L1S
Brand: MyBinding
  • Card Coating: Glossy,
  • Laminated on both side
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Quantity: 1000 pk
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Printable Glossy Identification Cards 1up (Front)ID851190T1L1S

Product Description

This Printable Glossy Identification Cards are high quality glossy coated and perforated cards on a letter size form are designed to run flawlessly on today's digital equipment. Highly convenient and durable, these cards are laminated on both side and are easy to punch out of form. Manufactured with a biodegradable Laminate on FSC Certified Paper, using Integrated Laser I.D. Cards (Green Cards) for your important information means you are committed to using products that are ecologically sound. These perforated and laminated card forms are completely laser printer safe, laminated on both sides of the perforated cards, and offer you a convenient way to print cards for medical I.D.s, travel clubs, direct mail, promotional cards, insurance, or any digitally printed media you wish to see in a durable, laminated card form. Variable data is printed directly onto the front side of the clear laminated card and will not scratch off.

Product Details

  • Item: ID851190T2L1S
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Count: 1000 sheets per box
  • Perforated Cards: 2
  • Card Coating: Glossy
  • Laser Safe: Yes
  • Add an extra 3 days for this custom order

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