Pro-Lam 320 12.5" Laminator by Akiles
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Pro-Lam 320 12.5" Laminator by Akiles

Part #: AKAPL320
Brand: Akiles
  • Laminating Speed: 24" per Minute
  • Max Pouch Thickness: 10 mil
  • Number of Rollers: 4
  • Hot or Cold: Hot
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Product Description

The Akiles Pro-Lam 320 is a professional grade 12.5" pouch laminator. If you are looking for a professional, heavy-duty, and efficient laminator, no other beats the Akiles Pro-Lam. The Akiles Pro-Lam 320 includes extruded aluminum heat plates to help guarantee excellent and consistent heat distribution and uses four silicon rollers that eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a consistent feeding speeds. The Akiles Pro-Lam 320 has a built in electronic circuit board that allows for quick and exact temperature adjustments. Plus, the Akiles Pro-Lam 320 has a gradual temperature control that allows for easy temperature adjustment when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition, or when laminating different materials. The Akiles Pro-Lam 320 has independant Heat and Motor Switches allowing the machine to be left on standby for hours without depreciating the motor while eliminating the warm-up time when you need to laminate again. The Akiles Pro-Lam 320 has a heavy duty motor that does not get tired or over-heat even under the hardest working conditions. It includes steel gears for added strength and durability and is made to last. The Akiles Pro-Lam is one of the easiest to use laminators on the market and doesn't require a pouch carrier (carriers are recomended when using 10mil pouches).

Product Details

  • Width Capacity: 12.5"
  • Speed: 0.4" per second (24' per minute)
  • Laminating Temperature Range: 230 F - 356 F
  • Temperature Control: Electronic
  • Dimensions: 21.1" x 10.9" x 4.06"
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • Cover: Metal
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Akiles Pro-Lam 320 Laminator Review

Akiles Pro-Lam laminators are famous for being durable, fast, and easy to use. One of the models in this series, the 320, has all three of these features. Here's a peek at this machine's strengths and a brief discussion about its weaknesses.


  • One of the best things about the Pro-Lam 320 is its wide feed opening. It's 12.5 inches across, so you'll be able to work with both large and small documents. Some of the things you can laminate include signs, small posters, banners, name tags, and more.

  • If you're in a hurry, this is a great laminator to use because it can finish the job in what seems like the blink of an eye. That's because it can laminate up to 2 feet of material in one minute. (That's about 0.4" per second.) Also, the machine has a standby mode you can use so you won't have to wait for the machine to heat back up.

  • This laminator is compatible with many different pouch thicknesses, all the way up to 10 mil. You don't even have to use a carrier when you laminate, although using them with the 10 mil pouches is recommended.

  • The Pro-Lam 320's motor is terrific because it can work really hard for a long period of time without overheating. This will not only keep you productive, it will help you save money on possible repairs.

  • You can expect beautiful, crystal clear results when you use this machine because it has four heated rollers. The rollers ensure heat is distributed as evenly as possible so your document will look absolutely flawless.

  • The Pro-Lam 320 is very easy to use. All the controls you need are right on the front of the device and are clearly marked. The temperature is controlled by a rotary dial and a light will go on when the machine has warmed up sufficiently.

  • This laminator has been constructed with care and it features metal casing and steel gears. You can expect this machine to work for years. It does come with a one-year warranty though, just in case anything comes up.


  • Due to its wide feed opening, the Pro-Lam 320 is a bit on the large size. The dimensions are 21.1" (width) x 10.9" (depth) x 4.06" (height). You'll want to keep this mind if space is limited in your office.

  • Like the other Akiles Pro-Lam devices, this machine lacks a cold lamination setting. This is an unfortunate oversight because it means you'll be unable to laminate certain items such as ink-jet printouts.

It's really too bad that the Akiles Pro-Lam 320 lacks a cold lamination setting because overall, this is an excellent laminator. It laminates quickly, produces beautiful results, and it's easy to use. (The durable motor is also great.) If you can live without a cold setting, this would be a great laminator to get for either the home or office. So take a look at it now to see if it's right for you.

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