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Pro Pack PPG 5022 High Speed Side Seal System

Pro Pack PPG 5022 High Speed Side Seal System

Pro Pack PPG 5022 High Speed Side Seal System Image 1

Pro Pack PPG 5022 High Speed Side Seal System

Part #: PPG5022
Brand: Pro Pack
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The Pro Pack PPG 5022 high speed side seal system is designed for high quality, quick speed, fully automatic shrink packaging. This heated, constant-temperature sealing system can perform sealing continuously, able to super-charge your shrink packing operation overnight. Product changeovers are easy to achieve with the PPG 5022, by turning of hand wheels without the need for changing product guides. Length or horizontal product sensors are available for automatic check of the product length, thus improving efficiency and growing your bottom line. The Pro Pack PPG 5022 employs a "Mitsubishi" PLC combined with "Proface" touch screen control system, making for easy machine operation. The 5022 has a film cut width of 25" and accepts most commercial grade shrink films. Separate cut and seal processes eliminate film build up with no cleaning required. Setup is a snap with the PPG 5022, with one-step temperature set; no pressure setting, dwell, or angle adjustments needed. All of the Pro Pack high speed side sealer systems listed here on MyBinding.com, work with all of Pro Pack's Dynaclear shrink films as well as most shrink films on the market.

Product Details

  • Item: PPG5022
  • Power Supply: 220v / 3 Ph / 10 amps
  • Pneumatic: 5-8 CFM @ 85 psi
  • Controls: PLC/Touch screen
  • Machine Type: Intermittent motion
  • Sealing Width: 19.5"
  • Max. Product Width: 17.5"
  • Max. Product Height: 8.6"
  • Film CF Width: 25"
  • Film Type: Most commercial grade Polyolefin, PVC, LDPE
  • Cross Seal Type: Hot Knife
  • Conveyor Speed: 100 ft. per minute
  • Production Speed: up to 60 p/m
  • Weight: 1500 lbs.


  • Separate cut and seal process eliminates film build-up, no cleaning required
  • Handles infinite product lengths
  • Positive cut and seal process is ideal for polyolefin and PVC films
  • Handles wide temperature and speed ranges
  • One-step temperature set-up, no pressure, dwell, angle adjustment needed
  • Sealing bar controlled elctronically (not a pneumatic system)
  • Color-touch screen control panel with password protection
  • Store and recall set-up parameters


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