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Sorry, but Protac Rigid UPVC 16mil 51" x 164' PS White Backing is no longer available to buy.

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Protac Rigid UPVC 16mil 51" x 164' PS White Backing
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Protac Rigid UPVC 16mil 51" x 164' PS White Backing

Protac Rigid UPVC 16mil 51" x 164' PS White Backing

Part #: PWB16-51164
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Brand: Drytac
Main Features:
  • Film Finish: Opaque White
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Film Thickness: 16.0mil
  • Hot or Cold: Hot


Protac Rigid (UPVC) 16mil 51" x 164' White Backing is an opaque white rigid vinyl film coated with an aggressive cross-linking, pressure sensitive, solvent acrylic adhesive that deters tunneling. Protac Rigid White Backing is ideal for backing all types of prints but is ideally suited for application to the back of reverse print polycarbonate inkjet media. The combination of these two products will produce a rigid, yet rollable display that can stand up to the most demanding display conditions. Get 51" x 164' of 16mil Protac Rigid UPVC Pressure Sensitive Backing with every order. Product number PWB16-51164.

Product Details

  • Film Width: 51"
  • Film Length: 164'
  • Film Thickness: 16.0mil
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Finish: Opaque White
  • Base Film: 14.0mil (350 micron) rigid vinyl (UPVC)
  • Adhesive: 2.0mil (50 micron) solvent acrylic
  • Initial Tack: High
  • Application Speed: 1' - 6' per minute
  • Application Temperature: Room Temperature - 120 F
  • % of Light Transmission: 0.10% (1/10%)
  • Release Liner: Polyester


  • Thickness: Determine the maximum total graphic thickness the display hardware or graphic holder can accept.
  • Rigidity: This attribute is determined not only by the thickness but also the type of base material. For example, a 10.0 mil polycarbonate will be more rigid than a 10.0 mil PVC (vinyl). This is especially important when graphics will be rolled for transport
  • Weight: This factor is related to the first two criteria, but is not the same. Some materials may be the correct thickness and stiffness, yet are not suitable because they are too heavy. Excess weight especially affects performance and stability of graphics on banner stands or pop-up booths.
  • Color: A backing material is usually visible only from the back of the graphic. However, black or white borders can be created by encapsulating an image with a specialized backing material and trimming it accordingly.
  • Adhesive: It is important to consider the type of adhesive component when choosing a backing material. For example: HeatSet (heat-activated) adhesives cure very quickly, enabling you to roll images immediately, while pressure sensitive adhesive have a longer curing time during which graphics should be stored flat. Also, some aqueous based adhesives may not be suitable for outdoor use.
  • Opacity: For graphics installed against a metal frame (pop up booth) choose higher opacity backing materials to eliminate show through.


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