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Sorry, but Quartet Portable IdeaShare Interactive Whiteboard System is no longer available to buy.

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Quartet Portable IdeaShare Interactive Whiteboard System

Quartet Portable IdeaShare Interactive Whiteboard System

Quartet Portable IdeaShare Interactive Whiteboard System

Part #: QRT-Q8000
Brand: Quartet
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The Quartet Portable IdeaShare puts powerful communication in the palm of your hand. Transform your written facts and figures into dynamic, interactive ideas with the lightweight, portable receiver that connects to any dry-erase surface or flip-chart pad, making it electronic. Easily preserve information by saving, printing or beaming it to a PDA - all meeting participants walk away with the same notes at the touch of a button. Collaborate freely by turning your board into an interactive computer display using an LCD projector, using the IdeaShare stylus as a wireless mouse. Brainstorm beyond the walls of your workspace by hosting a free interactive web meeting for remote participants across the globe. Enhance teamwork and reduce travel costs with this next-generation communication tool.

Product Details

  • Innovative, lightweight portable receiver connects to any whiteboard, easel surface or flipchart pad to create an interactive presentation board that saves, prints and emails presentations and meeting notes instantly at the touch of a button
  • Save time and boost productivity in high-profile, heavy-use office spaces by flexibly printing, sharing or saving written data to a PC or Mac, ensuring all participants walk away with the same information
  • Creates interactive presentations by turning any writing surface into touch-sensitive computer using an LCD projector
  • Hosts free collaborative web meetings for up to 25 remote participants across the globe, allowing users to brainstorm beyond office walls and eliminate travel expenses
  • Easy to set-up, download free software and use
  • Comes with lightweight receiver, multiple mounting systems, electronic pens, dry-erase markers, electronic eraser, stylus (for wireless mouse use), software and USB cable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • GBC Quartet Part Number: Q8000
  • Primary UPC: 034138018804


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The Quartet IdeaShare – The Ultimate Whiteboard

Buying a whiteboard for your office used to mean that you’d head to the office supply store and pick up a cheap product that wouldn’t hold up to a lot of use. It also wasn’t very exciting. But that’s all changed thanks to breakthroughs in technology and Quartet, a leading whiteboard producer, is ahead of the game with their truly incredible IdeaShare whiteboards. What’s an IdeaShare board? This article will tell you. It will also tell you why you should consider purchasing one for your office. (Hint: it will save you money!) Continue reading to discover the amazing features of the Quartet IdeaShare whiteboard.

The key word to think about when considering the IdeaShare is “interactive.” IdeaShare boards are designed for communication and not necessarily in the old-fashioned whiteboard way. The IdeaShare is a computerized whiteboard that allows you to give presentations that can be viewed even by people who aren’t present in your conference room. This is because the IdeaShare allows for digital conferencing via the Internet, making them perfect for PowerPoint presentations and other important meetings. Everything you write or draw on an IdeaShare board can be digitally sent to a PC or Mac, so your notes can be saved, e-mailed, shared via a social networking site, or printed. (Some PDAs are compatible with the IdeaShare. A Palm operating system is needed, however.) So this means you can be holding your meeting in Portland, Oregon, but people in far-off destinations such as New York or London can still participate in your meeting. That means you can save on travel expenses because you won’t need to fly people in. You can be sure that all your points will get across and everyone will have the same notes, which will virtually eliminate miscommunication. How’s that for priceless?

The Quartet IdeaShare is available in two sizes: 4 x 6′ and 3 x 4′. Its surface is made of high-quality DuraMax porcelain that will stand up to years of writing and erasing, and it won’t ghost or stain. Every IdeaShare comes with all the elements you need to start conferencing, including software, standard and electronic markers, erasers, and a USB cable. You can also buy a stand for your IdeaShare that includes a bottom shelf for storing a computer or printer. And if you already have a whiteboard or easel but you still want the IdeaShare experience, you’re in luck because Quartet also manufactures a portable IdeaShare. This kit includes a receiver, software, and pens to turn any old whiteboard or easel into an IdeaShare board. Quartet really thought of everything when they designed this product, don’t you think?

The Quartet IdeaShare is a new and exciting development that enables you to communicate more easily and effectively, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Whiteboards – and meetings – no longer have to be dull and static, thanks to the IdeaShare. And if you have a lot of employees in remote locations, the IdeaShare can help bring you together to get more done more efficiently and it will save you a bundle on travel costs. Get the ultimate whiteboard: get the Quartet IdeaShare!

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