Renz SRW 3:1 Wire Binding Machine
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Renz SRW 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

Part #: RSRW
Brand: Renz
  • length, width, height: 14" x 22" x 7.5" [36, 55, 19 cm]
  • selectable punch pins: yes
  • punching thickness: .1" / 25 sheets (20# paper)
  • binding thickness: up to 1/2" [12 mm] / 120 sheets (20# paper)
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Product Description

The Renz SRW 3:1 Pitch Manual Twin Loop Wire Binding Machine is a heavy duty all metal twin loop wire binding machine that can punch up to 25 sheets per lift. The Renz SRW features 38 fully disengageable dies, adjustable depth of punch control and a heavy duty wire closer that can close wire binding elements from 1/4" to 9/16". The Renz SRW is a Ring Wire binding machine [3:1 pitch] with additional features including: 38 punch pins that can be individually disengaged and adjustable margin control for perfect format adjustment up to 34 cm (13.5"). Punches up to 25 sheets (2.5 mm / 0.1") and binds up to 120 sheets. (other features same as model RW). The Renz SRW features a book thickness gauge, wire size gauge, wire holder, easy-adjust closer, and heavy-gauge metal construction for outstanding durability. A gear driven punch with a long punching handle for maximum punching power with minimum effort.

Product Details

  • length, width, height: 14" x 22" x 7.5" [36, 55, 19 cm]
  • weight: 29.7 lb. [13.5 kg]
  • selectable punch pins: yes
  • punching thickness: .1" / 25 sheets (20# paper)
  • adjustable margin: yes
  • binding thickness: up to 1/2" [12 mm] / 120 sheets (20# paper)
  • diameter of the wire comb elements: up to 9/16" [14.3 mm]
  • binding performance: up to 250 books per hour
  • maximum width: up to maximum 13.5" [34 cm]
  • number punching pins: 38
  • pitch: 3:1
  • number of loops: 11" = 32, DIN A4 = 34
  • punching capacity: up to 5,000 sheets per hour
  • motor: no
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Staff Review

An In-Depth Look at the Renz SRW 3:1 Twin-Loop Wire Binding Machine

There are many ways to bind your documents and one of the most elegant ways is with twin-loop wire. This type of document finishing can also be fast and easy when you have a machine that’s up to the task. One machine that could be right for you is the Renz SRW. Here’s what you need to know about this machine to decide if it’s what you need.

What you need to know:

  • One of the first things you’ll appreciate about the SRW is its punching capacity. This device can punch as many as 5,000 sheets per hour, so you’ll be able to complete one part of the binding process very quickly. The maximum number of sheets you can punch at once is 25.
  • This machine has disengageable punching dies. This is always a great feature to have because it will allow you to punch and bind different sizes of paper. You won’t just be stuck working with letter-sized documents which can give you a lot of freedom. Your books can be up to 13.5″ wide.
  • The SRW has a feature called an adjustable depth of punch margin control. A feature like this makes it possible to punch the paper exactly how you want it. You can place the holes closer to the edge of the paper for a nice, sturdy binding or further away if you want the pages to flip freely. Or somewhere in between for the best of both worlds.
  • When you bind with this device, your document can be up to 120 pages long. Wire spines as thick as 9/16″ are compatible with this machine and you’ll want to use supplies with a 3:1 pitch. Otherwise you won’t be able to put your books together at all.
  • Selecting the right supplies is easy because the SRW has gauges to help you measure the thickness of your document and then decide which size spine you need to use. This will save you time because you won’t be using the wrong spine and need to start all over again when you realized what happened.
  • This machine is so easy to use you’ll find that it’s possible to bind as many as 250 books per hour which is perfect if you need to bind many documents in a jiffy.
  • The SRW isn’t very big with dimensions of just 14″ (length) x 22″ (width) x 7.5″ (height). Therefore, you won’t need to have a huge space in which to use the device.
  • This device is built like a workhorse and features all-metal parts. You’re going to get years of use out of it even if you frequently use it.


The Renz SRW really makes the binding process fast and easy while also giving you almost total control over everything. You’ll find that creating a bunch of professional-looking books takes hardly any time at all and that you’ll consistently get great results. It’s also great that this machine is so well-designed and built to last. So if you need a wire binding machine, the SRW is definitely one to check out.

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