Royal Sovereign RBM-1500 Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine
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Royal Sovereign RBM-1500 Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine

Part #: RBM-1500
  • Easily punches up to 15 sheets of 20lb. bond paper
  • Binding capacity of up to 300 sheets of 20lb. paper
  • Can use up to 1 1/2
  • Compact design will easily fit on your desk and save space in your office
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Product Description

The Royal Sovereign RBM-1500 Manual Comb Binding Machine is a great solution for moderate to heavy binding needs. It punches up to 15 sheets of paper and can bind up to 300 sheets with a 1 1/2" comb. The cover of the RBM-1500 supports your pages during punching. This helps to make sure that your documents are aligned properly and helps to reduce misspunches. The RBM-1500 has an adjustable edge guide to help line up paper for punching and the cover of the machine closes and the handle locks in place for easy portability and storage. Plus, it includes a convenient waste tray to store your paper chips while punching.

Product Details

  • Easily punches up to 15 sheets of 20lb. bond paper
  • Binding capacity of up to 300 sheets of 20lb. paper
  • Can use up to 1 1/2

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Staff Review

Royal Sovereign RBM-1500 Manual Comb Binding Machine Review

Comb binding machines offer a great way to produce professional-looking documents right in your office. One that’s good for moderate use is the Royal Sovereign RBM-1500, a device with a fantastic binding capacity and terrific design. Here’s an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this product so you can determine if this is the machine that your office needs.

Its pros:

  • The RBM-1500 has a very impressive binding capacity. When you use a 1-1/2″ plastic comb, you can bind a document that has up to 300 pages. Choosing the right comb for your document is easy because this machine has a comb selector guide printed on it.
  • This product’s punching capacity is adequate for this kind of device. It can vertically punch 15 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at one time. Vertical punching is a great way to ensure that your paper is punched properly.
  • The RBM-1500 is fairly compact machine so it won’t take over your office. Its dimensions are 15.0″ (width) x 14.0″ (depth) x 3.5″ (height). It has a fold-down cover and lockable lever so you can stow it away. Finally, it weighs just under 20 pounds and it has a carrying handle so you can transport it with ease.
  • In addition to being compact and fairly lightweight, the RBM-1500 looks great. It is very sleek and modern-looking.
  • This machine has an adjustable margin guide. This feature allows you to control where your holes are punched so your document will be more securely bound. It’s controlled by rotating a knob on the left side of the device.
  • A chip tray is located at the bottom of the device. It is easy to empty as well.
  • Finally, the RBM-1500 comes with a limited one-year warranty so you can have it repaired or replaced if something goes wrong.

And now its weaknesses:

  • While the punching/binding lever was designed to be ergonomically friendly, it is located on the right-hand on the machine. That means some individuals, such as southpaws, might find this device difficult to use.
  • The RBM-1500 doesn’t have any disengageable dies and its maximum binding length is 11 inches. You’ll be pretty much limited to binding letter-sized documents with this machine.
  • While a 15-page punching capacity is pretty adequate for this type of device, keep in mind that if you’re creating a lot of thick documents, it may take a while. For example, you will have to go through 20 punching cycles to punch all the paper needed for a 300-page document. That could be rather time-consuming.

Conclusion:The Royal Sovereign RBM-1500 is a good choice if you need a device for a moderate amount of document finishing. It has a lot to recommend it, including its vertical punching capability, its great binding capacity, and its sleek, compact design. Although punching a lot of lengthy documents might be time-consuming, overall this machine is a wise choice for anyone needing a high-quality binding device for moderate use in the workplace.

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