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Royal Sovereign RSC-1650C 1650H 65 Inch Front Feed Assembly
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Royal Sovereign RSC-1650C 1650H 65 Inch Front Feed Assembly

Royal Sovereign RSC-1650C 1650H 65 Inch Front Feed Assembly

Part #: RSFF-1650A
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Main Features:
  • Product Type: Front Feed Assembly
  • Size: 65"
  • Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer
  • Product Number:RSFF-1400A


This front feed assembly is specifically designed to attach to the front of the RSC-1650 Royal Sovereign laminator. The front feed assembly allows for easy feeding of roll-printed graphics or for storing a second roll of laminate on your laminator. Thus, this attachment can help your print shop or production facility to improve productivity and decrease the space needed to store rolls of laminate.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Front Feed Assembly
  • Size: 65"
  • Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer
  • Product Number:RSFF-1400A


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Royal Sovereign RSC-1650H Wide-Format Cold Laminator Review

Do you want a cold laminator that can quickly process items that are up to 65 inches wide? If so, Royal Sovereign's RSC-1650H is a device you should look at. Here's a review of it so you can learn why it's worth a look.

  • The RSC-1650 is a wide-format laminator that can be used to process items that are 65 inches wide or less. It's a great device to get if your company or organization regularly works with large items such as posters and blueprints.
  • This is a heat-assisted cold laminator. What that means is that the top roller of the device is heated so it will finish off your documents beautifully, leaving them free of blemishes such as wrinkles. You'll still need to use pressure sensitive film with this device because the top roller doesn't get warm enough to melt the adhesive in thermal film.
  • Speaking of film, you can use laminate from 1 to 10 mil thick with this device. You can also use mounting boards as long as they're 5/8” or less. Overlaminates and back adhesives are also compatible with this machine.
  • The RSC-1650H works pretty quickly: it can laminate just over 16 feet of material in a minute. (There are 9 speed settings you can choose from.) It actually doesn't take very long to warm up either – just 10 minutes. This is great because it will help you process your items in not a lot of time.
  • Operating this device is pretty easy thanks to two key features: a remote control and a foot pedal. The remote control will allow you to control the machine from across the room and the foot pedal ensures hands-free laminating. Other user-friendly features include an LCD display and a reverse mode.
  • The RSC-1650H is a very large machine so don't be surprised if you need to move things around to make room for it. (The device has approximate dimensions of 77" x 25.5" x 48".) It also weighs in at a whopping 684 pounds. You'll want to make sure you pick a good, permanent space for it so you won't need to move it.
  • As far as the warranty goes, this machine's rollers are covered for 6 months. Everything else is covered for a year.

The Royal Sovereign RSC-1650H is perfect if you want the flawless results of thermal laminating but in a cold machine. The heat-assist feature is really unique and it allows you to combine the best of both worlds. This is also a great device to use if time is of the essence. It laminates so quickly, you'll be done in no time. The only real downside to using this machine is how much space it's going to take up. This thing is enormous and it's also extremely heavy. It's obviously not going to be a good fit if your workspace is really cramped. However, if you have the space for it and you like what it can do, then you should take a look at the RSC-1650H today.

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