Royal Sovereign RSL-380 15 Inch Table Top Roll Laminator
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Royal Sovereign RSL-380 15 Inch Table Top Roll Laminator

Part #: RSL-380
  • Warm-Up Time (min.): 8
  • Laminating Speed ft/min: 14.8
  • Mounting: Up to 1/4"
  • Speed Control: Digital Settings
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Product Description

The Royal Sovereign RSL-380 is an Economic 15" wide hot roll thermal laminator designed primarily for encapsulation. The RSL380 can laminate documents with films between 1mil and 5mil in thickness and is an excellent choice for a small print shop, graphics studio or for on demand applications. The RSL-380 has high quality silicone rubber hot rollers to help evenly distribute the heat helping to ensure high quality clear lamination of your prints, documents, photos and visual aids. It also has a reverse feature to help clear jams and offers a simple to use touch screen input that allows you to control both temperature and speed. The RSL380 is one of the least expensive roll laminators of its kind available on the market and is an excellent choice for low to medium volume profesisonal applications that need the durability and dependability offered by the Royal Sovereign name.

Product Details

  • Optimized Performance
    • Double and single laminating with fast laminating speed of up to 14.8' per minute.
    • Large laminating film capacity can hold up to 7.9" (200mm) roll diameter.
    • Perfect for laminating, encapsulating or mounting individual and multiple copies.
  • Useful Features
    • De-Curling function provides high quality flat output during single-sided laminating.
    • 1" Cast Hubs, 2.25" and 3" Auto-Grip Core Hubs for fast and easy roll changes.
    • Easy to use digital controls with 9 speed settings.
  • Reliable Design
    • The durable and sturdy frame construction and requires little assembly and minimal maintenance.
    • The RSH-380SL comes with a 1 year part & labor (Rollers 6 months) warranty.

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Item Specifications

  • SKU: RSH-380SL-US
  • Weight: 40.0000
  • Max. Laminating Width: 15 inch
  • Film Core Size: 1", 3", 2.25"(optional)
  • Drive Motor: DC geared
  • Warm-Up Time (min.): 8
  • Laminating Speed ft/min: 14.8
  • Temperature: Digital, Maximum 302°F
  • Mounting: Up to 1/4"
  • Transport Type: 4 Rollers
  • Speed Control: 9 Digital Settings
  • Reverse: Yes
  • Cold Lamination: No
  • Cross Cutter: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Foot Pedal: No
  • Document Guides: Yes
  • Encapsulation: Yes
  • Unit Depth (in.): 21.5
  • Unit Width (in.): 25
  • Unit Height (in.): 18
  • Unit Weight (lbs.): 91
  • Crate Length (in.): 32
  • Crate Width (in.): 29
  • Crate Height (in.): 26
  • Crate Weight (lbs.): 101
  • Voltage: AC 100~120V/220~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Consumption (Watts): 1200W
  • Warranty: 1 year part & labor (Rollers 6 months)

Staff Review

Royal Sovereign RSL-380 Roll Laminator Review

If you’re looking for a roll laminator that can easily fit on your work surface, one product you should check out is the Royal Sovereign RSL-380. Here are its strengths and weaknesses so you can decide if this is the laminator you need.


  • The RSL-380 is perfect for laminating letter- and legal sized documents. It has a laminating width of 14 inches, so you’ll be able to process both large and small items.
  • This machine can laminate at temperatures up to 266 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 130 degrees on the Celsius scale.
  • This laminator is compatible with film that’s up to 5 mil thick. Film that is 1 to 5 mil is a good choice for a lot of documents. The rolls you choose to use with this device need to have a core diameter of 1”. You can tweak the gap between the rollers so you’ll be able to use mounting boards that are up to 1/16” thick. This can really come in handy if you need to create visual aids.
  • There are 10 different speed settings you can use with this device. When it’s on the fastest speed, it can laminate almost 10 feet of material in about 1 minute.
  • You can expect excellent results every time you use this machine. That’s because it has 4 silicone rollers to evenly apply the film to everything you laminate. There’s a cross cutter located at the back of the machine so you can easily remove your documents when they’ve been processed.
  • If you find that your document isn’t being processed properly, you can use this device’s reverse mode to straighten things out.
  • The RSL-380 is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that will prevent the motor from burning out. The machine can also go into standby mode if you’re done using it for the moment but need to laminate more items later on.
  • One of the best things about this machine is that it’s relatively compact. It measures 21.7″ (width) x 20.5″ (depth) x 12.6″ (height).
  • Finally, the RSL-380’s rollers are covered by a 6-month warranty while the machine as a whole is covered for an entire year.


  • While a 14-inch laminating width is good for everyday documents, the RSL-380 isn’t a good choice if you need to process very large items. You’ll need a wide-format laminator if that’s the case.
  • This machine is incompatible with film that’s 7 or 10 mil thick, so you shouldn’t use it if your documents need the protection of a thicker film.
  • The RSL-380 takes about 10 minutes to warm up. You should probably have it warm up ahead of time so it’s ready when you need it. Luckily, the fast laminating speed compensates for the long warm-up time.
  • This device lacks a cold setting, so processing thermally sensitive documents isn’t recommended.

As you can see, the Royal Sovereign RSL-380 has a lot to recommend it but you should make sure that you’re okay with its weaknesses before investing in it. If you decide that this is the machine for you, be sure to take a look at it today.

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