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SALCO R106 Gangster Electric Stapler
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SALCO R106 Gangster Electric Stapler

SALCO R106 Gangster Electric Stapler

Part #: R106-Gangster
Brand: SALCO
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Don't let the nickname intimidate you, the SALCO R106 Gangster only just multiple the great R106 by two and offers multiple head stapling. The R106 can be operating either flat or saddle position providing stapling from 2 to 50 sheets at a time. The setup design allows for the staples to be as close as 2.5" from the center of each staple, creating a solid construction. Capable to create a booklet size up to 11" x 17", there is no limit to what the R106 Gangster can produce. With a "C" clamp, the R106 can be equipped and mounted on any table between 1/2" to a 2.5" thick. Operate your staplers with either manually or automatically. The R106 Gangster can be activated by a manual bump switch or automatically with a foot pedal. Increase your productivity with two amazing R106 Electric Stapler into one unit.

Product Details

  • Varied applications. three staplers in one: flat and saddle stapling (loop stapling as optional extra).
  • Flexible. two or more staplers can be linked for simultaneous stapling.
  • Functional. adjustable stapling depth and variable impact force.
  • Quality. reliable operation, long service life (replaceable stapling head).
  • Safe to use. stapling head guard and clearly visible, easy to access stapling zone.
  • User-friendly. front-loading. Automatic or pedal-controlled stapling.
  • Pedal supplied as standard equipment.


  • Stapling performance: Flat and saddle stapling up to 50 sheets (80gsm), loop stapling up to 20 sheets (80gsm)
  • Magazine Capacity: 210 staples Rapid 66/6-8+
  • Stapling Depth: Variable adjustment up to 100mm
  • Weight: 4,200g / 9.3 lbs.
  • Supplied With: Wide work table, 250x150mm, 0.7kg. Pedal 0.7kg
  • Optional Extras: Rapid 252 stapling head for loop stapling, rail for saddle stapling, narrow work table (60mm) with anvil, opto cables (40 and 70cm)
  • Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz
  • Dimensions: Length: 250mm; Width: 60mm (narrow work table) 250mm (wide work table); Height: 438mm
  • Warranty:90-Day parts and labor warranty
  • Part Number: R106-Gangster


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Reviewed on 10/3/2016

We got the SALCO R106 Gangster twin staplers for our graphic design class. When doing large batches of brochures or booklets, these staplers are ideal. The R106 is great for saddle stapling or flat stapling. It can take a variety of staple sizes, but you should only use the quality staples that are made for it. I tried using "regular" staples and it didn't work very well. You can either use the electric triggers on the staplers themselves, or you can use a foot peddle. Of course, with saddle stapling, you have to use the foot peddle. Made in Sweden, these are the ultimate staplers for a graphics class.

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