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Standard DocuCrease 35 Manual 14" Hand Creaser

Standard DocuCrease 35 Manual 14" Hand Creaser

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Standard DocuCrease 35 Manual 14" Hand Creaser

Brand: Standard
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Achieving crack-free scoring of stocks printed from digital color and black and white printing systems is no longer an issue with the Standard Morgana DocuCrease. Easy to use, the economical DocuCrease is ideal for any environment looking for a short-run creasing solution to complement its digital printing systems. The desktop Standard Morgana DocuCrease Channel Scorer provides a fast, easy way to channel score covers, cards and even laminated material without cracking.

Product Details

  • Ground-breaking Design: Unlike rotary scorers that can leave a cracked finish on some stocks, the channel score produced by the DocuCrease provides a clean, sharp score that doesn't damage the printed image. That's because the creasing action is achieved by embedding the fibers --- across the length of the document --- between a dye and an anvil?all in one action into the stock surface. The result is a superb crease without damage.
  • Simple Operation: The DocuCrease contains a clearly marked table with an indicator scale for easy and accurate positioning of the creases. Two adjustable backstops allow for two creases in one pass on the same piece, or for easy set-up of multiple creasing jobs. And it is "ergonomically correct", making it easy to use for either right or left handed operation.
  • The DocuCrease is great for adding creases to: Glossy cover stocks with the grain going in the wrong direction, Ink or toner-based stocks, Pamphlets/brochures, Greeting cards, and Covers used for booklets or perfect bound books
  • Versatile: Available in two models, the DocuCrease channel scores up to 14" in length on the smaller unit, the DC35, and up to 20.5" in length on the larger unit, the DC52. Both models are ideal for a wide assortment of printed materials. Additional backstops can be added to either unit to increase the number of preset crease positions per pass that you can get from using the two standard backstops.
  • Adjustable Backstops: Two standard adjustable stops allow for two preset creases in one pass. And they couldn't be easier to adjust: just lift and slide along measured table.
  • AutoCreaser: For higher-volume creasing, step up to the Standard Morgan AutoCreaser, a fully automated suction feed scorer.


  • Process: Manual lever press
  • Maximum Sheet Width: 14"
  • Maximum Paper Weight*: Up to 12 pt. cover
  • Maximum Score Length: 14"
  • Minimum Score Length: 1"
  • Max. Backstop Position: 14.125"
  • Min. Backstop Position: .875"
  • No. of Adjustable Backstops: 2 Standard
  • Dimensions: 23.5"L x 15"W x 5"H
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, excluding wearables


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Standard Morgana DocuCrease 35 Manual Creaser Review

Creasing your documents can make folding them much easier and there are even machines the can help you do so. One of the manual creasers currently on the market is the Standard Morgana DocuCrease 35. Here's a detailed look at this product's strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at them so you can think about whether this product might be right for your needs.


  • The DocuCrease 35 can be used with paper that's up to 14" wide, so you'll be able to easily crease both letter- and legal-sized sheets. Smaller sheets can also be scored.

  • This device is compatible with a number of different paper stocks. It can work with 20 lb. paper, which the type most frequently used in photocopiers and printers, as well as thicker materials such as 12 pt. cardstock. Thus, this creaser is good for a number of items including correspondence, greeting cards, brochures, covers for perfect binding, and so on.

  • When you use the DocuCrease 35, you be able to create folds that are as short as 1" or as long as 14". You can also do repeated cuts. This device comes with two adjustable backstops that have a maximum position of 14.125". You can even add more backstops if you want. (Note: if you need a creaser that can work with longer paper the DocuCrease 52 would be a great choice.)

  • Every score you get with the DocuCrease 35 will be clean so the paper or cardstock won't crack. This is true even when you work with challenging materials such as laminated documents, glossy paper, and sheets that have already been printed with either ink or toner.

  • This creaser is easy to use because the table is clearly marked with both standard and metric measurements. Also, this device is ergonomically friendly and can be used by both right- and left-handed people.


  • The DocuCrease 35 is on the large side thanks to its dimensions of 23.5" (length) x 15" (width) x 5" (height). You'll want to make sure you have enough room for it before purchasing it.

  • This product has a one-year warranty, which is great. However, the warranty doesn't extend to the creaser's wearables, which is too bad.

Although the Standard Morgana DocuCrease 35 has a couple of weaknesses, overall this is a terrific product. It's perfect for the most common paper sizes (i.e. letter- and legal-size) and it's great that you can score a number of different stocks with it. You'll get great results with this device even when you work with materials that are difficult to score such as laminated documents and glossy paper, so it's perfect for a number of different applications. Plus, you'll find that this creaser is really easy to use and that your hands won't get fatigued easily thanks to its ergonomically friendly design. While this product's warranty could be improved, overall it's a great buy. So take a look at the DocuCrease 35 today if you need a scoring device.

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