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Standard Horizon APC-M61llSB Programmable Paper Cutter

Standard Horizon APC-M61llSB Programmable Paper Cutter

Standard Horizon APC-M61llSB Programmable Paper Cutter

Standard Horizon APC-M61llSB Programmable Paper Cutter

Part #: APC-61IISB
Brand: Standard
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The Standard Horizon APC-M61llSB Programmable Paper Cutter features a maximum cutting width of 24" and a maximum lift height of 3.9". The APC-M61llSB Includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 5" icon-based touch-screen that displays all settings necessary for automated setup. The highly polished, chrome-plated work table virtually eliminates paper marking and provides a smooth, friction-free surface for lift travel. A high-performance back gauge screw and precision-forged linear raceway accurately positions the lift. A two-speed motor system precisely positions the back gauge and ensures maximum cutting accuracy.

Product Details

  • The servo-motor driven backgauge assures accurate positioning.
  • The center-driven backgauge system is completely dustproof to ensure accurate performance and maximum durability.
  • The clamping pressure is adjustable from 4,900 N to 16,600 N (500 kg to 1,700 kg) with the adjusting knob located on the front side of the APC-61IISB.
  • The false clamp plate is available to avoid the pressure mark on the sheets.
  • The large five inch, icon-based touch-screen is easy to use, eliminating the need for a skilled operator.
  • Job memory capacity is 99 jobs and 99 steps per job (total of 3,000 steps available).
  • The numeric keypad screen is available for cutting size entries and calculations. Program functions such as Even Divide Cutting, Total Cutting, and Repeat Cutting and Compressing are available.
  • Knife angle and cutting depth adjustments are easily done on the front side of the cutter.
  • For maximum safety, the APC-61IISB is activated only when the two cut buttons are simultaneously pressed within a half of a second of each other. If either of the two buttons is released in the middle of a cutting sequence, the knife automatically returns to the home position.
  • The foot pedal comes standard, and it allows for checking of the cut line before the actual cut by firmly clamping the paper. The backgauge is precisely positioned by a servo-motor.


  • Cutting Width: Max. 610 mm (24.0")
  • Cutting Height: Max. 100 mm (3.93")
  • Feed Depth: Max. 620 mm (24.410") or Min. 25 mm (0.985") [65 mm (2.560") using the support plate]
  • Clamp: Hydraulic Powered 4,900 to 16,600 N (500 to 1,700 kg) Adjustable
  • Backgauge Positioning: +/- 0.1 mm (+/- 0.00393")
  • Job Memory: 99 Steps, 99 Jobs (Total 3,000 Steps)
  • Push-out Length: 20 to 150 mm (0.785" to 5.905") Adjustable
  • Cutting Speed: 3.1 seconds
  • Table Height: 850 mm (33.5")
  • Voltage / Frequency: 3-Phase 200 V, 50 / 60 Hz 220 V, 60 Hz 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Rated Current: 3-Phase 200 V (50 Hz, 11 A / 60 Hz, 12A) or 3-Phase 400 V (50 Hz, 5.3 A)
  • Power Consumption:3-Phase 200 V (50 Hz, 3.1 kW / 60 Hz, 3.6 kW) or 3-Phase 400 V (50 Hz, 3.1 kW)
  • Heat Output: 2,800 kJ (670 kcal)
  • Machine Dimensions: 1,185(W) x 1,470(D) x 1,575(H) mm (46.7" x 57.9" x 62.1")
  • Machine Weight: 723 kg (1,594 lb)
  • Part Number: APC-61IISB


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