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Standard Horizon EF-35 Suction Feed Paper Folder
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Standard Horizon EF-35 Suction Feed Paper Folder

Standard Horizon EF-35 Suction Feed Paper Folder

Part #: EF-35
Brand: Standard
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The Standard Horizon EF-35 is the ideal suction feed folder for applications that require precision paper folding, mark-free operation, and high productivity. Its high quality construction, innovative suction feed system, self-compensating fold rollers, dynamic variable speed output conveyor as well as other standard features provide years of dependable performance at high production levels. Speed, reliability and versatility combined with a compact design makes the Standard Horizon EF-35 an exceptional suction feed folder. With its top-load bottom-feed suction feed system and fast set-up and changeover, the EF-35 delivers speeds of up to 30,000 sheets per hour. It is a standout in the suction folder market in overall performance and with its impressive list of standard features, including an innovative dual-pump suction feed system, selfcompensating fold rollers, sound enclosures, batch counting, and dynamic variable speed output conveyor.

Product Details

  • Innovative Feed System: A dual-pump system and adaptable feed controls provide superior paper feed control and performance. The vacuum and air pressure separation systems operate independently with dedicated pumps. The operator can select feed refinements on selected stocks by setting the feed-gap and suction interval controls to increase productivity. A key result of this superior feed system is the ability to confidently feed a broad range of stocks, including statically charged sheets. The EF-35 expands the range of precision paper feed control and delivers high reliability on heavy-duty applications.
  • Precision Folding: Using a combination of rubber and steel folding rollers with a selfcompensating gap mechanism, the EF-35 creates a positive grip control on each sheet producing exceptional fold consistency and quality. Each of the two fold plates provides both coarse and micro adjustment capabilities for the panel length and a skew control to enable accurate folding of wavy and distorted sheets.
  • Sound Reduction and Control: Standard with the EF-35 is a heavy-duty castor-mounted stand and sound enclosures for the fold plates. The two pumps are housed within the stand for increased sound reduction and easy repositioning of the EF-35.
  • State of the Art Features: A built in digital batch counter, jam detection and adjustable speed controls for the paper feed and exit conveyor, add to the versatility of the EF-35. The adjustable speed output conveyor improves operator efficiency by preventing the nesting of folded sheets. The variable speed feed control adds further feed reliability and increases productivity on a wide variety of stocks.
  • Operator Efficiency: Maintain optimal productivity by selecting one of the operating modes on the adjustable speed output conveyor to assure efficient stacking.
  • Quiet Operation: Sound Enclosures on the EF-35 on the upper and lower fold plates are standard features along with batch counting controls.


  • Folding Method: Buckle (2-fold plate) Manually Adjusted
  • Roller Composition: Combination (1 steel, 2 rubber)
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 13.7"W x 25.5"L
  • Minimum Sheet Size: 2.2"W x 2.8"L
  • Maximum Fold Length: 13.7"
  • Minimum Fold Length: 1.6"
  • Sheet Weight Range: Bond/Xerographic 12-65 lb., Cover 17-90 lb.
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Mechanical Parts and Motors / 90 Days on Electrical Components
  • Folding Speed: Variable Speed Control Up to 30,000/hr (8


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Standard Horizon EF-35 Suction Feed Paper Folder Review

Suction feed paper folders are essential in many professional operations requiring high-grade folding of a wide variety of paper sizes and weights. One exceptional machine for this application is the Standard Horizon EF-35. It offers precise folds with mark-free output by an innovative feed system. With high quality construction and dependable performance as well as impressive standard features, this is one machine to take a closer look at. Here are the details of the EF-35.


  • The list of standard features on this machine is astounding. Dual dedicated feed pumps, one for suction and one for pressure, allow the proper feeding of a wide variety of paper weights. This along with variable speed control keep pages feeding swiftly and accurately. A digital counter display offers batch and total counting modes with an audible alert when finished. The test feed button allows you to send one sheet through to ensure exact folding before starting an entire batch. If papers become overlapped or jammed in the machine, the display panel alerts the user and stops the folding process.

  • Folds are created using rubber and steel folding rollers. Each has a self-adjusting gap mechanism to keep a firm grip on the page and ensure consistent, precise folds. Both plates offer coarse and fine tuning abilities as well as skew control to compensate for any distorted paper. The plates are housed in sound enclosures to further reduce the noise output.

  • Six folds are pre-programmed into the machine, including letter, half accordion, double parallel, gate, single, and Z folds. Custom folds are also available by manipulating the fold plates to your specifications.

  • The hopper holds about 350 sheets of 20lb at once. Pages are pulled from the bottom, allowing continuous feeding from the top so you don't have to stop folding to refill the tray. Paper weights accepted can range from 12lb to 65lb bond. The plates can fold items as small as 2.2" by 2.8" up to as large as 13.7" by 25.5", one of the widest variations in size accepted.

  • Items are processed as fast as 30,000 sheets per hour. The conveyor output belt offers adjustable speed control to prevent individual pages from nesting into each other.

  • Standard provides a one year warranty on this product.


  • As with many air feed machines, set up is completed manually. While this may allow more precise control, it's often a difficult and time consuming process. If your office will need to switch fold styles regularly, we suggest you save yourself the hassle and invest in an automatically adjusted folder, such as the MBM 352S.

  • Weighing almost 300 pounds, this is a heavy piece of machinery. However, there are casters mounted on the bottom for added portability and we don't think this will be much of a problem for most users.

The many strengths speak for themselves, the Standard Horizon EF-35 is clearly able to handle the high volume professional needs of any office. It offers high productivity, fast speeds and versatility in a reliable model. It's remarkable list of standard and innovative features make it a standout in today's market. We think the Horizon EF-35 is an excellent choice for your next professional suction feed folder.

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