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Standard QC-S30 10 Bin Friction Feed Collator
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Standard QC-S30 10 Bin Friction Feed Collator

Standard QC-S30 10 Bin Friction Feed Collator

Part #: QC-S30
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Brand: Standard

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Your Price: $6,277.50

Retail: $6,975.00

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The QC-S30 Collator is one of the worlds fastest tabletop friction feed collators, and can be built into a 3-tower table top friction feed collating system. The modular design of the system allows the flexibility to expand with additional components as production needs grow. The QC-S30's innovative design allow for 10, 20, 30 stations, offers speed and quality construction, and will provide years of superior productivity and reliability. Accessories for the QC-S30 Collator include the PS-P61 Corner Stapler and SPF9/FC-9 and F40 Booklemakers. The QC-S30 Collator incorporates high-performance and full-featured paper-feed detection and programmability in a compact design. With its simple set-up and operation, the QC-S30 is equally well suited in an office or a production-printing environment. Productivity and reliability are achieved in a large variety of set-feed applications. As collating needs grow, the modular design of the QC-S Collators easily expand from a single 10-bin tower, to 20 or 30-bins of high-speed, troublefree collating.

Product Details

  • Corner and Side Stapling in a Space-Saving Design: The Optional Model PS-P61 provides corner and side-staple options to a single 10-bin QC-S Collator. The integrated design of the PS-P61 combines the cabinet for the collator and stapler together in one space-saving design. The stapler cartridge holds 5,000 staples and notifies the operator when it's empty.
  • Stapling and Folding All-In-One: Connect your QC-S Collator to the MF-1 Stapler/Folder for a highly productive system that finishes sets of up to six letter-sized sheets in a letter fold, letter fold with corner staple or corner staple only format.
  • High-Speed Bookletmaking Made Easy: Functional, versatile, and durable, the Model SPF-9 and Model SPF-9A Bookletmakers operate either automatically in-line with either QC-S Collating System or semi-automatically by feeding in the document set manually while in off-line mode. The SPF-9A is a fully automated set-up version of the SPF-9 that allows for push-button set-up in seconds by selecting any of the four popular preset paper sizes. It can also save time on non-standard paper sizes as it has two programmable memory settings. Both the SPF-9 and SPF-9A can staple and fold up to an 80-page booklet at speeds up to 2,100 sets per hour.
  • Add Face Trimming: Increase the professional appearance of every finished book without sacrificing productivity by adding the optional in-line face trimmer. Each SPF Bookletmaker has a matching face trimmer that efficiently trims away the shingled uneven lead edges of a folded booklet to ensure the highest-quality appearance.
  • Modular Design Adds Versatility: Expandable up to 3 towers, for up to 30 feed bins. The QC-S Collators and the SPF accessories offer unparalleled levels of productivity and versatility. Dual-direction feed capability in a multiple-tower system allows two different jobs to be run simultaneously. Increase productivity by producing booklets on one end while straight or offset stacking on the other. It's simple, clean, highly productive and reliable.


  • # of Bins per Tower: 10 (Friction-feed)
  • Maximum Number of Towers: 3 (10, 20, 30 Stations)
  • Bin capacity: 1.1" (200+ sheets 20 lb. bond)
  • Sheet Size: 5.5" x 6.9" to 12" x 17"
  • PaperWeights: 14 lb. bond to 67 lb. index (53-127 gsm) including NCR, some coated stocks)
  • Production Speed(s): Up to 3900 sets/hr (5 sheets) 8.5" x 11"; Up to 2100 sets/hr 11" x 17"
  • Set Calibration Button: Sets error detection of active feed bins
  • Double Sheet Detection QC-S30: Length Detection
  • Error Detection: Miss, Double, and Jam Detection by sheet length, Receiving Tray Full, Transport Door Open
  • Receiving Stacker Capacity: 2.96"
  • Stacker Capability: Straight and Offset Stacking
  • Adjustable Bin Pressure: Yes
  • Adjustable Separator Pressure: Yes
  • Counter: Total count (Ascending), Preset counter (Descending)
  • Optional Accessories: F40 Bookletmaker, MF-1 Mail Folder/Stapler, Collator Stand (MT100), PS-P61, SPF-9(9A), FC-9(9A)
  • Power: 115V 60 Hz
  • Machine Weight/Dimensions: 139 lbs./23.3"W x 19.5"Dx 39.4
  • Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty


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Standard QC-S30 10 Bin Friction Feed Collator Review

One of the fastest collating machines on the market today is the Standard QC-S30 10 Bin Friction Feed Collator. This versatile device rapidly collates hundreds of sets in no time at all. As your production needs grow, the functional design allows this machine to expand with additional pieces as needed. Here are the details of the QC-S30.


  • This high performance device offers simple setup and operation. A slew of features keeps everything running smoothly. The Set Calibration button calibrates the machine to detect errors from the specific set you're running. Double sheet detection works by sensing length and thickness to determine if multiple sheets have been grabbed at once. The error detection system checks for missed sheets and jams via sheet length.

  • The pressure on both the bins and the separators are adjustable to ensure optimal performance no matter what materials you use. Alerts for a full receiving table as well as an open transport door offer the opportunity to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem. The automatic counter offers total (ascending) and batch (descending) counting functions.

  • Each bin has ten towers to hold paper. Up to three bins can work together for 10, 20, and 30 page stations. Bins can hold a 1.1" thickness, which is over 200 sheets of 20lb bond. Paper can be as small as 5.5" x 6.9" up to 12" by 17". This device takes in a wide range of materials. It goes from 14lb bond up to 67lb index and includes NCR, index, and some coated stocks.

  • Letter size paper in sets of five can be processed as fast as 3900 sets per hour. Sets of five sheets of 11" by 17" processes as fast as 2100 sets per hour. The receiving stacker can hold just under three inches of finished products. This collator can provide you with either straight or offset stacking, whichever works better for your needs.

  • The QC-S30 is designed to work in conjunction with a variety of machines to provide a highly functional and versatile workstation. For simple collation, a stand frees up your work surfaces and allows the collator to be placed wherever you need. A basic stapler can attach to help you create packets and questionnaires. Folder/stapler combos aid in the production of mass mailings of multi-page letters and other send outs. Finally, you can purchase a booklet maker that staples and folds booklets as well as trims the uneven edges for a professional finish.

  • Standard provides a 90 day warranty on this product.


  • This is a high quality machine but it is heavy, weighing about 139 pounds. However, there are casters on the bottom so you'll be able to roll it around wherever you need.

  • It would be nice if the paper size accepted were slightly bigger to accommodate 12" by 18" paper, often a standard size for booklets. But if your office doesn't use that size paper, then this machine will work just fine for you.

As you can see from the many strengths, the QC-S30 is a full-featured machine excellent for any office. High performance in a compact design is especially important in large production businesses. This heavy duty machine can stand up to the rigorous use in production printing environment. We think this collator is an ideal addition to any office.

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