Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro 11.75" Guillotine Paper Cutter - 1500
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Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro 11.75" Guillotine Paper Cutter - 1500

Part #: SWI-1500
Brand: Swingline
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  • Cut Length: 11.75"
  • Cut Type: Guillotine/Stack
  • Cut Capacity: 150 Sheets
  • Paper Clamp: No
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Product Description

This durable trimmer is ideal for companies and graphic departments that need to do high-volume projects, such as brochures and mailings. The GBC CL800pro can cut up to 150 pages at once. It has a convenient, battery-operated light that indicates the exact cutting line. And, with two adjustable stack guides that lock into place, you're ensured perfect 90-degree cuts every time. The GBC CL800 Stack Cutter has a high-frequency, hardened-steel cutting blade for durability and includes a full width handle for right or left handed use. The GBC CL800 Stack Cutter also includes a safety lock for two handed safe operation.

Product Details

  • Guillotine cutting of up to 150 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once; 11 3/4" cutting length
  • Full-width handle for ultimate leverage
  • Battery powered light illuminates cutting area to increase accuracy
  • Limited 10-year warranty

Product Reviews

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Item Specifications

  • Cutting Length: 11 3/4"
  • Detailed Color: Maple
  • Material: Metal
  • Period of Warranty: Limited 10-year
  • Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper): 150
  • Trimmer Type: Guillotine
  • UPC: 034138015001

Staff Review

Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Are you looking for a guillotine paper cutter that can handle over 100 sheets at time? If you are, then you should check out the Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro. Here’s all the details about it, including how it rates on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • The CL800pro has an absolutely phenomenal cutting capacity. It can cut up to 150 sheets of paper at once which is amazing, especially when you compare it to other cutters which can usually process only 10 to 50 sheets.
  • If you need to work with documents that are 8.5” x 11” (letter-sized) or smaller, the CL800pro would be a good choice. It has a 12-inch cutting length so you’ll be able to take care of your paper easily. However, you won’t be able to use this device for larger pieces of paper, which could potentially be a problem.
  • One of the most helpful and innovative features of this device is its handle. It’s D-shaped, which means both left- and right-handed people can easily use it. Most guillotine cutters have the handle on one side of the machine – usually the right one – which can make cutting difficult for some users.
  • The CL800pro will give you an accurate cut whenever you use it. There’s an alignment grid printed on the base and a stack clamp that will keep your paper flush. This device even has a cut indicator light so you’ll see exactly where your sheets will be cut. (Note: to use the light, you’ll need to install 2 AA batteries.)
  • Using the CL800p is very safe, so you won’t have to worry about being injured when you cut. As soon as you touch the handle, the safety lock is triggered so your hands will be far away from the blade and will remain safe.
  • This is a product that’s really well-made so you can use it for a long time without needing to replace it. Even the blade is high-quality. It’s made out of hardened steel so it can cut a lot without any problems.
  • The CL800pro is surprisingly compact. It only measures 9” (height) x 16” (width) x 14” (depth), so it can easily fit on just about any work surface. However, it may be better suited for production-type environments because it has a very utilitarian appearance.
  • On top of it all, the CL800pro has a great limited warranty. It offers protection for up to 10 years.

Final rating: 8. The Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro is definitely a different kind of guillotine paper cutter. It has a lot to recommend it, the first and main attraction being its cutting capacity. The cutting capacity is excellent and it will be a real big help if you regularly process a lot of paper. Also, this trimmer is safe to use and it’s really great that the safety lock will kick in when you touch the handle. While it would be nice if the CL800pro could handle larger sheets of paper, it’s definitely worth a look if you need a need a new cutting device.

Questions & Answers

We do not offer replacement blades for this product.

Answered by MyBinding.com
7 years and 4 months ago ago

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