Tamerica DuraCoil Combo Manual Punch / Electric Inserter Machine
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Tamerica DuraCoil Combo Manual Punch / Electric Inserter Machine

Part #: TP-DuraCoil-Combo
Brand: Tamerica
  • 4:1 Pitch
  • Margin Depth Control
  • Side Margin Control
  • 14" Max Punching Length
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Product Description

The Tamerica DuraCoil Combo Manual Punch and Electric Coil Inserter is a time-saving combination coil punch and inserter designed for all-day use. Equipped with a 14" maximum punching length that can punch 20 sheets at a time with a side margin control and margin depth control the Duracoil Combo offers a highly capable machine at an effective price. The Tamerica Duracoil Combo has a 4:1 pitch with a 30mm maximum binding capacity and a patented grooved roller for non-stop coil insertion all day long with it's powerful motor. Check out the Tamerica DuraCoil Combo manual punch and electric coil inserter today for a powerful and versatile machine.

Product Details

  • 4:1 Pitch
  • Margin Depth Control
  • Side Margin Control
  • 14" Max Punching Length
  • Punches 20 sheets of 20lb paper
  • 30mm Maximum Binding Capacity
  • Grooved Roller for non-stop insertion
  • All-day use motor
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Staff Review

Tamerica DuraCoil Combo Coil Binding Machine Review

Tamerica is a one of the best-known manufacturers of binding equipment. They even make coil binding machines that can be helpful when finishing your documents. One of their products is the DuraCoil Combo. Here are all of the details about this machine so you can decide if you should purchase it for your office.

The details:

  • The DuraCoil has a pretty impressive punching capacity. It’s capable of punching a total of 20 sheets at one time. This punching capacity is based on 20 lb. bond paper, so you may be able to punch more or less paper depending on how thick the sheets are.
  • You’ll be able to work with both large and small documents because this machine has a maximum punching length of 14 inches. This is a terrific length because it will enable you to create legal-sized documents that measure 8.5″ x 14″. All of the 57 dies are disengageable so you’ll have total control over your punching.
  • The DuraCoil has both side margin and margin depth controls. The side margin control ensures the holes will be centered properly on the paper. Meanwhile, when you use the margin depth control feature, you can control how deep in the holes are punched. This can help you create documents with a strong binding that can be read and handled again and again.
  • This machine produces a 4:1 hole pattern. (Also known as “pitch.”) That means you’ll see four holes per inch along the edge of your paper. The coils you use must have this pitch and you can use coils that are up to 30 millimeters thick. A 30 mm coil can bind a document that contains up to 270 pages. This device also has a spine selector guide so you’ll be able to easily choose the right one for your document whether it’s thick or thin.
  • The DuraCoil has a built-in coil inserter that will save you a lot of time. The motor of this machine is able to run continuously and not overheat which should give you some peace of mind.
  • This is a machine that’s neither too large nor too small because it measures 20″ (length) x 18.5″ (width) x 8.5″ (height). However, it weighs just over 50 pounds so be careful if you ever need to move it.
  • Using this machine will easy for right-handed people because the punching handle is on the right side. However, this might be frustrating for left-handed users.
  • Finally, this device comes with a limited one-year warranty so you have your bases covered if anything goes wrong.


Overall, the Tamerica DuraCoil would be a solid choice if you’re in need of a coil binding machine. It has all of the advanced features you could want including disengageable dies, a margin depth control, and an integrated inserter. However, the binding capacity could definitely be improved seeing as there are coils that are up to 50 mm thick and can bind over 400 pages. Also, it would be better if this device had a D-shaped handle so everyone could comfortably use it. However, if these drawbacks don’t bother you, you’ll probably find that the DuraCoil is a good coil binding machine for your needs.

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