Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Be always ready and protected with these personal protective equipment from Keep off potential disease causing germs with surface sanitizers, wipes, disinfectant sprays, and sanitizer gels. Make sure not to breathe in bacteria and disease causing pathogens with the assortment of facemasks and face shields offered onsite. Remind everyone about sanitary and distancing protocols with catchy signs. For office setup, invest in screen dividers to prevent spreading and transmission of disease. Make safety a priority with these personal protective equipment from!
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  1. GERMisept Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes - 50 Wipes Per Pack

    • Ingredients: 75% Ethanol Alcohol, Water, Benzalkonium Chloride, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
    • Used for offices, medical, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, fitness and wellness, schools, and more
    • Embossed Nonwoven
    • Sheet Size: 5.9" x 7.8" (15cmx20cm)
    Part #: MIS-AW50


  2. Medical Infrared Thermometer

    • Specially designed to test the body temperature of a person via either by the ear or the forehead.
    • Can also measure surface temperature of objects, foods, water, baby milk, etc.
    • 32 sets of storage data to record body temperature variations
    • Ideal for companies who wish to monitor their staff for the presence of a fever such as is evident with Covid-19 (Coronavirus).
    Part #: MIS-MIRT


  3. Luxor RECLAIM Clear Acrylic Tabletop Sneeze Guard Desk Dividers

    • Creates barriers between people to help safeguard from coughs and sneezes.
    • Easy assembly with included hardware, tool-free installation.
    • Sits on tabletops with included tabletop feet.
    • Small gap between panel and tabletop allows cables to pass through.

    Starting At: $33.49

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  4. 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks - 50/Box

    • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) =95%.
    • 3-Layer Filtration that offers a safety guard of comfort and breathability.
    • Skin friendly fabric & ear bands.
    • Single use/Non-Sterile.
    Part #: MIS-DFM


  5. 16oz Pump Style Hand Sanitizer Gel - 70% Ethanol

    • 70% Ethanol Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer
    • Kills 99.9% of Germs.
    • Decrease bacteria on the skin.
    • Odor-free and Non-sticky Gel-like solution
    Part #: CHM-PHS500


  6. Broad Spectrum Germicidal and Disinfectant 6" x 7" Wipes - 180 Count

    • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria in Just 15 Seconds.
    • Eliminates Bacteria in Just 4 Minutes.
    • Fast Drying; Leaves No Dull or Sticky Residue.
    • Lemon Fragrance and Bleach Free
    Part #: CL989


  7. Eyeglass Face Shield (Reusable)

    • Clear 7 mil A-PET Polyester
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Anti-Fog coating
    • Reusable – wash with soap & water or alcohol wipes
    Part #: MYB-EGFS


  8. Disinfectant Spray Q (Lemon Scent) - 17oz. Bottle

    • Bactericidal, Antibacterial, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Tuberculocidal.
    • Kills 99.9% of germs.
    • Hospital grade multipurpose disinfectant for hard, non-porous surfaces.
    • Lemon Scent.
    Part #: CL1002


  9. X-Stamper Hand and Surface Sanitizer

    • Kills 99.9% of germs and effective against COVID-19.
    • WHO-Recommended Formulation.
    • Contains 80% Alcohol.
    • Available in 2oz, 4 oz, Quartz and Gallon Sizes.

    Starting At: $10.99

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  10. Deflecto Classroom Bent-Edge Desktop Protective Barriers

    • Unique bent edge design provides ease in installation and setup for teachers and school facilities personnel
    • Bent edge design is our sturdiest design ideal for traditional style square or rectangle desk shapes
    • Provides added protection from respiratory droplets for both students and teachers
    • Available in 3 Different Sizes

    Starting At: $108.57

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  11. Two-Layer Black Anatomical Face Mask

    • Two-layers of polypropylene, spun-bond SS (2-ply), non-woven fabric provides a superior penetration barrier
    • Outer shell provides high fluid resistance and inner layer supplies high density filtering
    • Highly durable
    • Hygienic and safe
    Part #: MIS-FMAB


  12. 4-1/8” x 4-9/16” COVID Vaccination ID Card Non-Glare Proximity-Style Pockets - 5pk

    • Protect your vaccination card without permanently laminating it
    • Made of strong 130mic polypropylene with non-glare orange-peel finish
    • Open on short end, just slide in your ID card. 3 Slots for ID accessories.
    • Packaged with 5 per pack
    Part #: 09CL19105


  13. Air Queen™ Nanofiber Face Mask - 1pk

    • Ergonomically designed for perfect fit and comfort
    • Easy, no-fog breathing
    • Proven pathogen barrier
    • Secure-fit, enhanced durability
    Part #: MIS-AQNM


  14. N95 Particulate Respirator Masks - 20/Pack

    • 5-layer filter technology
    • Adjustable soft straps and adaptable nose clip
    • Provide lightweight, effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against viruses, bacteria, pollen, PM2.5, spray, dust, and animal hair etc.
    • 3D curved design.
    Part #: PPDN95MSK


  15. KN95 Filtering Face Masks - 500/Carton

    • Highest level of protection with its efficient filtration and fit.
    • Filter out and capture 95 percent of particles in the air.
    • Non-woven material and melt-blown filter block COVID 19 and other disease-causing droplets.
    • Design offers the tightest fit and seal.
    Part #: 97PPESPZZK601CT


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