Protective Barriers and Dividers

Comply to safe social distancing guidelines with the protective barriers and dividers from From the brand Deflecto are desktop protective barriers that can accommodate both traditional and irregular shaped desks. These desks are clear and do not obstruct both vision and learning. Attachable Desktop Protective Screen Dividers from Ghent are available in Clear and Frosted options and come in different sizes so office desks will have partitions and keep respiratory droplets and secretions from spreading. Available from Luxor is a wide array of desk dividers, sneeze guards, and cubicle wall extenders. Luxor Tabletop Sneeze Guards are easy to assemble, come in different sizes and sit on tabletops with included tabletop feet. Freestanding Counter Sneeze Guards require no installation and are perfect for checkout counters and reception desks with its side panels for wrap around protection. Clamp-on Sneeze Guards Desk Dividers allow for simple assembly and tool free attachment while Clamp-on Sneeze Guard Cubicle Wall Extenders offer a practical solution for low-rise cubicle-style workspaces. From MasterVision are Glass Counter barriers made from tempered glass for increased safety. All these solutions maintain safe distancing in workplaces and classrooms without obstructing sight and communication so operations still flow smoothly even with barriers.
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